Some crud. Kill me.

Here's some other Hogan crud dug up on a short Saturday nite search while drinking. Yes drinking.

If you want your site to be on here email me. I'll wait until I'm drunk and playing with a computer,and if it makes me laugh, then I'll get off my ass and put it up! I've been doing a Bob Crane/Hogan's Heroes site since 1996, and only one person has taken me up on that offer. It was the nutty Charlemagne who swiped stuff from my site but made it up by writing Hogan's Heroes erotica.

This ain't a comprehensive list not at all. It's just some of my favorites.

Updated Nov. 4, 2002. The sites I like are gone but I found some back-ups of a couple.

My favorite sites more or less in order!

Bob Crane nekkid shots from his son Scotty who really should let me in for free.

Col. Hogan's Last Performance - Phoenix Sightseeing Tour Take a virtual tour of Col. Hogan's final hours.

Make Me Bad Old copy of Charlemagne's Hogan's Heroes erotica site. Okay, there's more than just Hogan erotica, but we'll let that slide. She's got it bad for Larry "Sgt. Carter" Hovis.

Bob Crane 3:16. Dang, this one is dead too. Here's an old copy without pics. Anyone remember this?

Top Secret! Another dead one. Home of the Hogan video game, strong evidence that Bob Crane entered the Witness Protection Agency.

Col. Klink ate my balls site.What can I add? Official Bootleg Ruskie Hogan lingeree See if Bob's on teevee this week! Howard "Major Hochstetter" Caine Memorial Page. A neat tribute to everyone's favorite Gestapo agent. He was an Appalachian banjo player like my grandfather, I betcha didn't know that. Lots of pictures and sounds! Otto's World Famous Page

Speekin zee Kraut? Even the Huns watch the show. In Germany it's considered a documentary. I'm including these 2 sites 'cause I think it's cute that the Germans are laughing at their Nazi past.

Dang, the Huns sites I had ain't working. Okay, well here's: Marj Dusay - Some chick that was on Hogan's Heroes. Here is a flash video of not having sex with Bob Crane.



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