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Hogan's Heroes Heated Nights

"That was weird," remarked the cute little Frenchman Corporal Louis LeBeau.  The POW's had just stopped the 3rd Panzer Division from reaching their destiny that would have hurt the allies.  An avalanche started by the guys jamming on musical instruments and finished with a sneeze from their goofy Kommandant, Colonel Klink stopped the enemy in their tracks.  The five hotties were on their way back to camp in the back of a truck.  "I want to sneak back out tonight and check out that all female band at the Hofbrau," said Sgt. Carter.  "Not a bad idea Andrew", Colonel Robert Hogan replied, "You and I can sneak out of camp after lights out and the rest of us can take turns during the week as long as the band is playing."  All nodded in agreement as the truck pulled into prison camp Stalag 13.

Andrew looked at himself in the mirror as he fixed his hair with a hand brush.  "Think you can comb your hair any more to the left than that?" teased the Englishman Corporal Newkirk.  "I need this fine mop to do my outstanding Hitler impression," remarked Sgt. Carter.  As Sergeant Ivan Kinchloe passed Colonel Hogan some cologne, the African-American stated, "I bet there are some really charming girls in that band."

At the Hofbrau, the ladies of the Paige Prescott Band were not acting so charming.  The barmaid Mady, couldn't stop laughing at the fact that 5 beautiful women could be so gross in private.  Frieda Morella, the blond English bombshell was belching, the exotic Jules Jullian was shoving a whole cheeseburger in her mouth, Paige Prescott was blowing her nose into her napkin, and the 2 African-American beauties Tammy Preston and Cyndy Lovejoy had food all over their faces.  "We feel the need to do this before being sexy and glamorous for a bunch of guys" explained Jules.  "There are some guys worth attracting," said Mady, and they are definitely not German."  "They make sneak in tonight to see you, they are all really hot."  "I just hope they are more than just a bunch of horny, drunk servicemen," said Tammy.  "You make that sound like it's a bad thing," joked Paige.  Everybody laughed.

About an hour later Robert Hogan and Andrew Carter arrived at the Hofbrau.  Jules was sitting at the bar drinking iced tea.  The guys came over to say hello to Mady, who introduced them to Jules.  "Nice to meet you, I assume you're not German," said Robert.  "No, I'm Spanish and Italian, and I think the cat stole your friend's tongue," smiled Jules, looking over at Andrew.  "Uh, I'm Andrew Carter, nice to make your acquaintance," he put out a nervous hand to her that she took firmly but gently.  Jules explained to them that they were a traveling band from America that also had a British member.  As the other girls came out, Jules encouraged the cocky dark haired Colonel and the nervous Sergeant to introduce themselves to them.  As they left, Mady came back over to the bar and said, "Andrew is so nice. His girlfriend dumped him 6 months ago, and I've never seen him with anyone.  He may seem a little dorky, but a bet he could be a real tiger if he wanted to be."  "I bet he could," Jules said softly.

The lights dimmed and the show began.  From the start, one could tell this was not the Andrews Sisters.  Cyndy began her signature drum intro, with Paige falling in on bass, Frieda's guitar, Tammy's keyboard, and finally Jules deep smooth vocals.  The crowd had never quite heard anything like this, but it had an affect on the crowd that had them feeling really good, like taking a warm bubble bath.  As the tempo increased, some people danced, but most of the men just watched as Jules and the other girls took turns singing leads and harmonizing.  At the end of a fantastic 1 and ½ hour show, the girls were glistening with sweat, something not common for female performers to do in the 1940's. 

The band got off stage and washed up, Jules came down to the bar to get another iced tea, and Andrew walked up and sat in the stool next to her.  He said, "I didn't mean to be rude, I was taken aback by how pretty you are."  Jules looked into his brown eyes, "I do not think you are rude at all, you seem very sweet." "You're not much of a drinker I see, neither am I," he said pointing to her iced tea." She shrugged and said, "Would you like to come up to my room and play some games with me?"  A bit nervously, he said ok.

Up in Jules room they started to play checkers.  Andrew commented that her boyfriend must miss her while she's gone.  "Oh I don't have a boyfriend," she told him,  "I used to go out with this cop in New York, he was part Spanish like me and he was very nice, but we had some different interests, so we broke up,"  "That was about a year ago."  "My girl wrote me a 'Dear John' letter about 6 months ago, I was upset at first, but I just accepted it," Andrew told her.  Jules told him things like that will happen in long distance relationships, especially in a time of conflict with negative propaganda.  Andrew told her about the guys in the prison camp and how they chase girls like crazy.  He told her about the Russian spy Marya who was a tease to both LeBeau and Hogan.  She was in the Kommandant's quarters when she fell asleep with one of those stupid cigarette holders lit with a cigarette and started a fire.  Though the fire was not a big one, the smoke was unbearable and the secretary at the time, Helga barely escaped with her life and had quit her job right after the incident.  Then there was Newkirk, the British Casanova, or so he thought.  Always "falling in love" after sleeping with some strange German woman, who turned out to be a Nazi most of the time anyway.  Sometimes he wished he could be smooth like Colonel Hogan, but who wants to lead girls on just to get stuff?  "I don't find the Colonel too attractive, but I am enjoying your company," Said Jules as she was looking at his hands.  "Will you come out and see me tomorrow?" Jules asked.  Andrew replied, "I can sneak out the day after tomorrow, we're supposed to take turns coming out here, but I can't wait to see you again, I really liked talking to you."  "It's 2am, I'd better find Colonel Hogan and get back to camp."  They hugged and Jules kissed him on the cheek.  As he left he wondered if he could tell this soon if he had just met his soul mate.

Downstairs, Hogan was surrounded by 4 German girls, though the band had chatted with him a bit, they weren't as interested in him as he was used to.  They had all gone to bed, but Hogan still had company.  As he saw Carter walking toward him he said, "Let's get going, we're going to be some tired fools in the morning."  On the way back, Hogan asked, "Did you get lucky tonight?"  "I feel lucky to have been in the presence of a goddess," was Andrew's response.

The next evening was LeBeau's, Kinchole's, and Newkirk's turn to see the beautiful band that Hogan and Carter raved on and on about.  Colonel Hogan let them sneak out at 9:15pm.  Carter went to his rack hoping tomorrow night would come quickly.
The Hofrau was packed that night as word spread about the wonderful and sexy Paige Prescott Band. They played another awesome show, which had people dancing and wanting to go home with their mates to make love.  When the show was over, about half the crowd went home.  This made it easier for Peter Newkirk to immediately introduce himself to the girls when they came out to get drinks. He made it known to fellow Brit, Frieda that he was single and ready to mingle.  Frieda who was put off by his stinky cigarette and cocky attitude replied, "Sorry, I don't date trolls!"  Peter was shocked when all of a sudden someone shouted, "Well I Do!"  It was Paige Prescott, gorgeous half Black, half Dutch bass player who the girls thought was so cool the band was named after her.  "Unless you are one of those simple minded fools who only like blond haired, blue eyed girls.  "Dearie, I could fall into your beauty anytime, I'm no purist," said the blue eyed Englishman as he followed her up to her room.  Meanwhile the barracks chef, LeBeau, was experiencing a new kind of chocolate sensation as he and Tammy started to chat.  They both loved to cook and LeBeau was careful not to put down her love for barbeque chicken and ribs, while Tammy pretended to know what a quiche was.  Ivan Kinchloe was definitely happy that this was not a German girl group as he was getting along great with Cyndy who promised to show him her little strawberry tattoo as they were walking up to her room.
"I get really sweaty after a show, I need a shower, care to join me Peter?"  Purred Paige.  When he got up to her room, Newkirk took his clothes off so fast his trousers seemed to fly across the room.  In the shower Paige soaped up the handsome Englishman and felt his dick get hard.  Peter rubbed suds all over Paige's firm breasts and put his hands on her perfect ass as he held her close and soul kissed her.  With the warm water running all over their bodies, Peter sucked on Paige's breast and flicked the hard nipple with his tongue. Paige moaned in ecstasy and started to kiss Peter's neck and rub his cock with soap.  Peter held Paige up against the wall and went down on her, licking her shaved pussy.  Paige ran her fingers through his wet hair as he touched all the right spots and made her cum hard.  He stood up and whispered in her ear, "Let me do something sweet for you before we make love, turn around."  With her back to him, he grabbed her shampoo and gently washed her hair.  It was a great feeling for Paige, he even knew to rinse and comb in her conditioner.  The gentle combing felt so stimulating against her scalp.  When they finished, he toweled her off like a child, then picked her up and carried her to the bed.  He planted kisses all over her long smooth, honey colored legs.  She took him in her arms and got on top of him, kissing his chest all over and working her way down until she got to his sugar stick and sucked it while she fondled his balls.  Paige licked his cock up and down and kissed his taint skin.  Peter thought he was going to lose his mind.  She sucked harder and faster while pressing his taint skin and he warned her that he was going to come.  She swallowed his load while he twitched and moaned. She was so good at what a lot of women found repulsive.  Peter grabbed her and kissed her then he turned her over and planted kisses up and down her back.  He worked his way down to her firm, smooth ass and ran his tongue up and down the crack.  She scraped her fingernails against the mattress while he drove her crazy.  He worked his way back up again and nuzzled her neck.  Paige rolled over and they kissed some more.  Peter felt the wetness between Paige's legs. He put on a condom and entered her slowly, going slow and hard while touching her damp hair.  The pace quickened and became more and more intense.  Peter placed Paige's hand to press the side of her vagina while he pumped, so her clit would be stimulated.  After he came inside her, he took off the condom and continued to rub around Paige's clit until she came. 
"Wow, I may need to take another shower," Paige laughed.  Peter put his head on her chest, "So you are in charge of the band?" he asked.  Paige explained the name was Jules' idea and the other girls were cool with it.  Jules was Paige's only friend for many years.  Her father was a white and her mother was black and neither race would have anything to do with her.  "That sucks," said Peter, "My mother told me that God makes people of different colors because it makes the world more beautiful, now who dares to argue with what God creates?"  Paige now couldn't believe that Frieda called this darling a troll.  "It's 3:30 am love, I have to be back at camp, I'm really sorry I can't stay, I hope you don't think I'm a creep or something," Peter said as he got up to get dressed.  "I understand," Paige said softly.  "I'll see you before you leave, you've got a few more days here right?" Asked Peter.  "Yep, and this won't be our last visit here either," Paige replied.  "Good," he whispered as he kissed her forehead.  He shut the door quietly on the way out, lit a cigarette and dreaded what the cold morning would have in store for him.

Later in the day, LeBeau, Kinchloe, and Newkirk were dragging ass as they picked up trash around the barracks.  The hefty guard, Sgt. Schultz, was jokingly picking on them as Colonel Hogan watched and smirked.  In the barracks, Andrew listened silently as the 3 POW's talked about the fun night they had and how great the band was.  "Oh, I'm sure that they were really fantastic," mused Hogan.  The 3 men just looked at each other and smiled.  Tonight's our night again Andrew, you get to see Jules again.  "Jules seemed really nice, she said hello, but didn't stick around long," LeBeau said.  "Maybe the gov'nor will get lucky with that ice queen Frieda," joked Newkirk.  "Peter, even a great guy like has his work cut out for him there!"  Laughed Hogan.  The rest laughed and nodded in agreement.
Jules and the other girls were happy they did a day concert for the prisoners of Stalag 26 (Stalag of the Quarter) and did not have to perform tonight.  Paige and Cyndy went back to bed for they were tired from their hot night of sexual frolicking.  Jules would spend the rest of the afternoon primping hoping it would be worth her while.  She felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach hoping Andrew would show up tonight.

Andrew looked at himself in the mirror for a long time wondering what an exotic goddess who could have anyone, would possibly see in him besides a "buddy".  He was always the guy who would have girls cry on their shoulder, wishing their boyfriends were like him, but not like himwhatever.  Looking back now, his high school sweetheart Mary Jane, though she was cute, was not very passionate about him.  That passion is lacking in this life now.  "Hey!" "Are you waiting for your hair to do tricks again?"  Shouted Newkirk,  "Don't be nervous mate, It'll be alright, it's not like your trying to go after the blond one after all."  "I almost feel like I'm about to go in front of a firing squad that's either throw flowers at me or going to shoot me to death," Andrew told the Englishman.  "Don't get too deep mate, you're killing yourself and it's not necessary," Newkirk told him.  "Com'on Carter it's time to go have some fun," Hogan said as he walked out of his stateroom.
They used the underground tunnel to get to the bar. "What's this?" Hogan asked as he noticed the sign in front of the Hofbrau read "Tonite Lily Frankel Sings."  Andrew rushed in to the bar and was relieved to see Jules sitting at the bar with an iced tea.  Jules beamed at him as he took the seat next to her.  He noticed her diamond and platinum rings, she had worn them on stage, but seeing them up close they almost blinded him.  "I was worried that you wouldn't be here, you know the sign out front," he told her.  She told him about the day concert and that they still had 1 more show to do before they left.  She invited him up to her room again for games, so they left the bar while Lily Frankel drooled over Robert Hogan and vice versa.

Over a game of rummy, Jules told Andrew about her place in New York City.  Andrew commented how she must make a good living as a musician; he was still living with his parents in Illinois when he signed up for the service.  That made sense to her, why would you get a place you're not going to live there and the Army doesn't pay much any way.  He mentioned that he did own an Indian motorcycle though.  "I love motorcycles, I have a Harley in storage in New York, I bet it would be fun to ride with you," She excitedly said.  Andrew smiled at her.  Jules looked at him for a moment and said, "Look Andrew I don't want you to think I do this from town to town, I've got to tell you I think you are really sweet and I would like to continue this relationship, I do come back here every few weeks and the war isn't going to last forever."  Andrew replied to her, "I think I'm falling for you, I've never felt this way about anyone and if you can stand being apart for a time, then I can deal with it too."  "If you are falling for me, then I must tell you this, I had an accident as a teenager and as a result I cannot have children, it's never bothered me personally, and my last boyfriend was ok with it, but I don't know how you feel about it," Jules confessed.  Andrew told her, "That doesn't matter, I've only been with one other girl in my life and if I'd married her, probably the only reason she'd let me make love to her would be to get her pregnant and then she'd be miserable for 9 months."  Andrew thought he just said a horrible thing, but Jules found it incredibly funny.  Jules got out of her chair and walked over to Andrew.  He got up and they kissed.  Andrew had never been kissed like this. Mary Jane never used her tongue.  Jules smelled really good and he wanted her badly.  They walked over to the loveseat as they undressed each other.  Andrew noticed Jules red lacy bra and panties as she sat him down and took off his shoes, socks, and pants.  She pulled off his boxer shorts and went down on his throbbing rod.  Andrew couldn't believe the feeling of it all. He'd hear girls talk about how gross it was to "kiss it down there." It felt really beautiful and he stroked Jules' hair as she kissed and sucked his dick and balls. As she took one in her mouth really gently Andrew thought he would hit the ceiling.  He unclasped Jules' bra and touched her big firm tits.  She came up for air and said, "There's more room on the bed."  They both got on the bed and Andrew pulled her panties off.  They were making out like crazy, moaning and breathing hard.  "Andrew, would you eat my pussy?" Jules breathlessly asked him.  Andrew went downtown on her with gusto. Mary Jane would never let him do this, she said it was dirty. He wondered why he ever wanted to stick his penis in her to begin with.  Jules put her hand on Andrew's head and started cursing softly and moaning with pleasure.  He made her cum 3 times when she pulled him up.  "I love you Andrew," she said as she straddled his body to ride his pony.  Another first as Andrew remembered how ol' what's-her-name would lie there like a rag doll and never touch him or anything.  When Andrew felt the tight pussy around his cock he new he would blow a fuse soon.  Jules controlled her vaginal movements and it felt like her cunt was sucking up Andrew's manhood.  Andrew pulled her close to him his breathing became shallow.  He held her tightly and told her he loved her.  He exploded into her as a tear ran down his face.  This was the passion he so desperately wanted. Now that he had it, it would always be desperately needed.  For the first time Andrew had felt totally spent and satisfied.  Jules' long wavy brown hair was a mess, but it looked sexy to Andrew.  "What is this blond patch of hair on your head?" He noticed it for the first time.  "It's a birth mark," She replied.  Jules rolled over on her back and Andrew put his head on her chest.  "This has been the best day of my life," he said before drifting off to sleep.
Andrew looked at the clock when he woke up, 11:57pm.  Jules was asleep on her side.  Running his hand over her voluptuous curves stirred her awake.  She rolled over and smiled at him.  "I think I can last a bit longer now, if you want me," he said sweetly.  He started kissing her neck and worked his way down to her breasts.  The light brown areoles reminded him of the caramel apples he loved as a kid.  He kissed them, gently sucking the nipples, then planted kisses in between her breasts.  Jules led his hand down to her sugar basin and showed him how to rub her just right.  Her nails gently scratched his back as his warm hands made her wet and ready for him.  He held her tight and kissed her shoulders as he entered her.  Slow and seductively he wanted to make the most out of loving every inch of what felt warm and intense on the inside.  Jules had never felt so loved in her life.  Andrew's body was tight and muscular, just right for her.  She played with his ass and caressed his legs.  She ran his fingers though his hair, as he was about to come.  His body tensed up as he climaxed and a warm feeling went through Jules as heard him moan.  Everything was still for a few minutes and Andrew thought he was dreaming.  Looking up at the clock it read 1:18am.  He did not want to leave for anything, but he knew he had to.  Jules told him to take advantage of the hot water that was not always available at Stalag 13 and take a shower here.  While he did that, Jules drank some water and put on shorts and a tee shirt.  Someone was knocking at the door. Must be Robert she thought.  Seeing him through the peephole, she opened the door.  "Did you give him a heart attack?" He asked.  "No smart-ass, he's taking a shower and he'll meet you down stairs," she replied.  "Ok I wait for him, you know I'm only joking right?" Hogan inquired, "We'll all be here tomorrow to say so long."  She nodded and closed the door.  Andrew came out to get dressed and Jules told him to meet Robert downstairs.  Andrew asked her," Were you born with the name Jules Jullian or is that a stage name?"  "My full name is Jullian Julliani, so yes and maybe." She replied.  Andrew embraced her and gave her a kiss. " I will see you tomorrow before you leave, I promise," He told her.  He walked out then peeked his head through the door, winked and smiled.
The prisoners were tossing horseshoes that afternoon as they talked amongst themselves.  "Hey too bad about that girl band leaving today, they were pretty nice," remarked LeBeau.  "Nicely pretty too," Kinchloe jokingly remarked. "You finally got yourself involved with someone that didn't put us in hot water," commented Carter to Newkirk. "Yeah, I'm gonna miss that bird a lot," Newkirk replied.  "Well we will           get to say goodbye to them tonight, besides they'll return in a month or 2. The Colonel was right, but another hour away from Jules was like an eternity to Carter.
"Ok let me get this straight, you break up with 6'2", dark, hot Bobby the New York City cop, you never fool around on the road, and now all of a sudden you are crazy over 5'8", farm boy with a farmer's tan?"  Paige inquired of her best friend Jules.  Paige was only joking of course and both ladies agreed that Andrew had a great ass.  Peter's wasn't bad either, but he was a bit chunky.  Good for grabbing.  The other girls entered, fresh from getting facials and pedicures for tonight's farewell.  "It'll be 6 weeks before we come back, lets make it magic!" Cyndy joyfully said.
All the guys were present at the concert. They bribed Sgt. Schultz a box of chocolate bars to not do a nighttime barracks inspection.  This performance was definitely the most passionate, sweaty, and energetic of the week. Opening act Lily Frankel was still slow dancing with Colonel Hogan when the band finished and a third of the crowd had left.  Tammy, Frieda, and LeBeau joined one the tour crew guys, a very handsome black man named Darnell to play poker.  "Mademoiselle, why are there bumps on these cards?" asked LeBeau.  Frieda replied, "Darnell is legally blind, so the cards have Braille on them."  "Smart idea, maybe these will become a hot item like you 2 ladies one day," the Frenchman remarked.
Carter's heart was beating out of his chest as he rushed up the stairs to Jules' room.  He grabbed and kissed her.  The slight scent of her sweet sweat made him want her even more.  They practically tore off each other's clothes off and fell onto the bed, kissing and grinding against one another.  Jules stroked Andrew's hard member and had him sit up against the bedpost.  Jules straddled Andrew and rode him up and down.  She also licked the inside of his ear and nibbled on the lobe.  Sweat was making their bodies sticky, and their moaning got louder.  The rubbing against her clit made Jules come and Andrew could feel the pulsing of her pussy that made him reach his climax soon after.  "Making love to you is awesome," Jules breathlessly told her lover.  "Let's take a bath together," She suggested.  When the tub was ready, Jules had Andrew sit with his back to her, so she could rub his back and stroke his penis easily.  "I will write to you everyday that we are apart," Jules swore.  "I want to write to you too, but you are never in one place at a time," Andrew told her.  "There is a service we use, it's slow, but if you write me a lot it won't seem so bad," She said.  "I will write to you every day as well then," Andrew was happy he'd be able to somehow reach her.  As Jules was washing Andrew's hair, he told her how this week had changed his life, changed him forever.  Jules offered to let him stay in New York with her forever.  "After I visit my parents after the war for a few weeks, there's no where I won't go with you," Andrew promised. 
Meanwhile Cyndy and Ivan were oiling down each other's dark chocolate bodies.  Cyndy giggled as Ivan tickled her belly with his moustache.  "Coca brother, you will melt into me tonight," she whispered as she took him to her secret garden.

Paige and Peter were lying on the floor. It was another great fuck for both of them.  "I'm gonna miss you love," Peter whispered in her ear.  "You are a beautiful person inside Peter, but I can tell you are a player at heart," Paige said.  It was true, Peter loved women, but he really did care for Paige and he was not using her.  Paige knew that.  She told him, "I'm just saying, I want to see you again, but if you're with someone else, that's ok too, you see I've got a man back home."  "I've got a girl back in England myself, but I don't know where that relationship is headed," Peter confided in her.  With that out of the way, everything was alright and vigorous intercourse recommenced.

It was now almost 5:30 am Sunday morning, the guys had to be back by 7am and the girls had to pack up and leave at 10am.  Darnell had won 12 poker games in a row and had fallen asleep at the table.  LeBeau bid his new friends goodbye.  Kinchloe had just finished washing the oils off his body and was getting dressed.  He and Cyndy vowed to write when they could.  Robert Hogan was helping Lily get her skirt and panties off the ceiling light were she'd tossed them the night before.  Peter kissed Paige and told her she was the coolest bird he'd ever met.  Andrew was feeling happy and sad at the same time.  Happy that he found what he always wanted, but sad that there would be time gaps interfering with his happiness.  He and Jules held each other tight for a long time.  Then they kissed and he had to leave.  He walked slowly down the staircase where the other guys were waiting.  "Time to return to hell fellas," was Colonel Hogan's comment.  Some of the guys snickered as they left the Hofbrau.

On their way to the next town all the girls slept except Frieda who was reading a fashion magazine and Jules who was writing a very long passionate letter.
Sgt. Ivan Kinchloe wiped the sweat from his brow as he came up from the underground tunnel to report to Colonel Robert Hogan a message from London.  "Sir, they are sending a new radioman to us in 2 days, his name is Sgt. Richard Baker," the dark skinned African-American told the Colonel.  "It's about time those lazy tea slipping clods did something for us," remarked the Englishman Corporal Peter Newkirk.  Radioman Kinchloe had been working double duty since Colonel Hogan had popped his kneecap during a mission while working with the inept British Colonel Rodney Crittendon.  The annoying Crittendon, who always gave Hogan a hard time because he was senior to him by 2 days, had insisted that Hogan, himself, and 2 other POW's take a "shortcut" to their contact, which resulted in not only Hogan's injury, but also to Sgt. Andrew Carter who was grazed by a bullet to the shoulder.  When London had gotten word of this, Crittendon had been court marshaled and fined.  His status of becoming the prospective replacement for Hogan, if any thing should happen to him, was revoked and placed on Sgt. Kinchloe.  An additional radioman would be needed to keep up the efficiency of the underground operation.  It was quite a relief for Kinchloe, hoping the new radioman would be as efficient as him.

          Meanwhile, Sgt. Carter was lying on his rack reading the most recent of Jules' letters.  He missed her so badly. She would be returning to Hammelburg in 2 weeks with her band to play at the Hofbrau again.  He brushed back his straight brown hair with his hand as he read her letter.

Dearest Andrew,
We are on our way to Paris to perform.  I wish you could be here with me.  It is not a city of romance or love without you here.  I look forward to your letters each day.  When we perform at the Hofbrau again, you will hear us performing new songs, as I have been inspired by you to write my best work yet.  Here is a sample for you:
"His soft spoken voice lances my heart
I would drink from him, a never-ending riverment
His hands soothe me, his kisses cleanse me
When he takes me to that place, the gate to my soul opens
His beauty melts me, his gentleness empowers me
I explode with the glory of 1000 doves
Love sets my spirit free
His body is liquid sugar to my tongue
Brown sultry eyes leave me open
His body melts with mine
Our love is strong and true
I would leave him only in death"
I miss you so much Andrew, I want to caress your smooth naked body and love you until we're both spent.  I will write again tomorrow as I do everyday.  I love you.

                              Jules   xxxooo

          Andrew smelled the freesia perfume of the letter before folding it up and putting it away.  Even if he had never had made love to Jules, he could've fallen in love with her just from her letters.  "How is Jules doing?"  Hogan asked.  His leg was propped up on a chair as he sipped a cup of black coffee.  Recovering from a "sports injury" was the story told to Colonel Klink and as usual, Sgt. Schultz wanted to know "nothing."  "She's doing good," was all Sgt. Carter would say.  Hogan and the other prisoners noticed that normally chatty Andrew would have little to say after 2 events, having sex with Jules and reading her letters.  Kinchloe chimed in, "I got a note from Cyndy saying they were going to be in Paris this week, must be nice."

          Meanwhile at a jewelry shop in Paris, Jules was trying hard not to choke the owner.  "You like silver mademoiselle?"  "Buy gold, it's much more elegant," the little old man went on.  Jules looked at him and said, "Have you ever seen diamonds encrusted on silver, fool?" "These are platinum chains & rings I wear."  "Try gold, it match patch on your head," the old man referring to Jules' birthmark.  Jules was in no mood for this.  "Ah temper, temper," Paige Prescott musingly said, "I hope Andrew never sees you this mad."  "He shouldn't," Jules replied, "Unless he sees me killing the Gestapo who shot at him."  "We'll worry about finding that asshole when we get back to Hammelburg," Paige told her, "Com'on let's get some new clothes."  As they walked the strip, Tammy, Cyndy, and Frieda caught up with them.  "You've got to see this custom clothes designer down the street, I've never seen clothes like this before," Tammy told her friends.  Outside the shop, clothes custom made by Roberto Imi hung, while the designer sat by his work.  "Nice stuff Mr. Imi," Cyndy told the handsome 40 something designer.  "Thank you nice American girls, can I go to the land of the free with you?"  He asked.  "Were not going home for a while, and some parts are not so free for us darker skinned people," replied Cyndy.  Roberto waved them closer and whispered to them, "At least they don't skin you alive there for fun, you see I am really a Jew, my real name is Rosenburg, I had to change it, because I was and still am scared."  "Your secret's safe with us Roberto, as long as you can find me a pair of those lamb-skinned pants in a size 8," Jules playfully said.   The girls went crazy trying on Roberto's liberating designs.  They bought to their hearts content.  The designer had never sold so many clothes in his entire carrier.  He joyfully thanked the girls and secretly thought of buying a plane ticket to America.

          Back in Hammelburg, Marya the Russian spy had arrived at Stalag 13.  She was a flamboyant character, flirting hard between Colonel Hogan and the French Corporal who really loved her, Louis LeBeau.  Louis, being a magnificent chef cooked a fabulous meal of filet migon, potatoes au gratin, and steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce for her, Colonel Backscheider and Colonel Klink.  Backscheider, who had been recently been diagnosed with cancer had brought Marya with him as his physic.  He was one of many German militants who believed in gypsies and constellations.   While Klink really didn't agree with the war and what Hitler was doing, he let Backscheider ramble on about the power of Germany efficiency and just nodded his head.  After dinner, Backscheider, tired from his trip & because of his cancer had retired early.  Klink returned to his office to read one of his many girlie magazines, leaving Marya and Louis alone.  "Darlink, how have you been?" she asked the cute little Frenchman with a wink.  "Fine mademoiselle, I'm really happy to see you again," he replied while giving her a peck on the cheek.  Louis noticed her remove her shoes to reveal lovely red painted toes.  "Marya, you must be tired from wearing those shoes, please let me rub your feet while we chat," said Louis.  Marya, taking a little bottle of perfumed lotion from her purse handed it to Louis.  "You ARE a darlink!" she exclaimed.  "Who do you love Marya, is it me or Hogan or someone else?" Louis had finally mustered up the courage to ask her.  "Darlink, it has always been you, I just been waiting for you to make your move," the golden brown haired spy revealed to him.  "What about all the times I caught you kissing Hogan?" the Frenchman inquired.  Marya answered back," That was just to make you jealous, especially after you lied about being married." Louis remembered making that stupid remark as she told him, "Hogan is the worst kisser ever, I'd very much rather taste your full sexy lips."  Louis was so exited to hear this as he rubbed her feet up & down with lotion.  He brushed his lips against the bottom of her foot, pulling the little toes one by one.  Marya had never had anyone worship her feet before and it felt incredible.  She could feel the tingling in her pussy as Louis sucked on each of her toes and gently brushed his cheek against the side of her foot.  He went for the other foot and felt his cock get stiff, as Marya's moans grew louder.  Marya was very excited when she asked Louis to rub his hard cock against her feet.  She helped him off with his shirt and then he unbuttoned his pants.  He was very well endowed for such a small man, 7 or 8 inches at least.  He rubbed his rod against her smooth foot. It was a new & exciting sensation for both of them.  Louis got onto the sofa where he helped Marya slip out of her black dress.  He kissed the soft flesh of her belly and unclasped her black bra.  He kissed and nuzzled his nose against her erect nipples as she slid her nails gently up & down his back.  Louis planted kisses from the center of her breasts to her neck.  As he nuzzled her neck, Marya begged for him to kiss her.  Their lips met Marya felt a warm rush to her vagina.  Louis rubbed his finger to the side of her clitoris as she stroked his erect member.  "I want you to be the mother of my children after the war," Louis whispered in her ear.  "If they don't shoot me first, darlink," she whispered back.  "Don't say that, don't ever say that again," he said breathlessly as her entered her warm dark tunnel.  Louis closed his eyes as he pumped in & out of her slowly.  Marya held him close as her throaty gasps became more & more audible.  Louis pumped harder & harder as Marya came and yelled in pleasure.  His whole body shook with his orgasm.  When he was finished, he laid his sweaty face on her chest.  "I may become the mother of your children before the war is over if we don't take precautions next time," Marya mused.  Louis just took a deep breath as he stroked her hair.  He made a note to himself to get some rubbers from Newkirk when he got back to the barracks.

          The ride from Paris to Germany was bumpy & miserable.  The road guy Darnell, was homesick for America.  He longed to go back to Chicago and flirt with the pretty black girls back home.  He knew they were pretty by their voices and personalities.  He hoped American technology would improve so he could see clearly without glasses.  The glasses he had were thick and were only good for seeing things up close.  Some of the Europeans didn't know what to make of Darnell or the 3 black girls in the band, for they had never seen black people before.  Still, most of the time they were treated with more respect than they had seen in their own country.  The south was still segregated and some whites didn't want their children exposed to blacks. So much for the land of the "free" & the "brave" he thought.
The girls were excited about showing off their new clothes for the guys at Stalag13.  They were the few women that wore trousers in public.  When they did wear skirts, it was to look sexy.  Never would they be seen in anything dowdy.  Jules started looking through Andrew's letters.  The mail service was crap. Even though he wrote her every day, sometimes there would be nothing, then the next day they'd be 2 or 3 letters at once.  She hoped he'd like the leather gloves she got for him.  She wanted to buy him a more expensive gift, but Paige insisted that he might feel inadequate not being able to spend as much money on her.  Jules found a somewhat comfortable spot on the bus to read her latest letter from Andrew.

Hi Honey!
I had kind of a tough day today, there's this old cranky German Colonel here who sick or something, they had to rush him to the hospital for some kind of treatment.  That girl I told you about, Marya came with him.  I guess Louis spoke to her or something because I haven't seen her flirting with Colonel Hogan.  We have a new radioman and his name is Sgt. Richard Baker. He seems like a nice guy.  Peter must have said something to him about the band and he can't wait to meet all of you, especially Tammy.  Anyway I really miss you!  I feel a little weird talking "dirty" but since you like it so much, I wanted to tell you that late at night when the rest of the guys are asleep, I fantasize about our nights together and my dick gets so hard it almost hurts.  I jerk off thinking about you.  I try to be quiet, but I think the guys might be on to me why I'm washing my sheets so often.  Just 3 more days and I'll be holding you again, sucking on those caramel apple breasts I love so much.  My shoulder is fine now, so we can do anything you want to do.
                    All My Love,

          Jules felt warm inside as she read the letter.  She too would play with herself often.  She had a little electric "massager" she'd started using on the road after her & Bobby broke up.  Her fantasies of him were getting old, so it was nice to have the passion of Andrew in her life to think about when she was alone.  She made sure not to use it for a week before seeing Andrew, so that a lot of tension would be built up.

          As the bus pulled into the lot of the Hofbrau, everyone in the band had knots in their stomachs.  Inside were some Gestapo men having lunch.  They looked up at the girls and stared.  One of them stopped Frieda and Jules.  "Hey ladies, how are you today?" asked the blond one.  "We are tired from our trip, excuse us," Frieda replied as she walked away.  "I guess you're just a killer, not a lady killer, Fritz," the darker haired one said.  "Oh," replied Jules, "Kill anyone lately?"  "Just this dork with a sheepskin hat, I don't know if I killed him, but I spilled his blood on the ground with a bullet," Fritz smirked.  "Anyway, this is no conversation to be having with a lady," I'll be back again around 8pm if you want to stop by and say hello.  The other Gestapo had already left the table to flirt with Mady the barmaid.  "Maybe," Jules said, then she walked away.  In Paige's room, Jules told her she'd found the asshole that had shot Andrew.  "Perfect," Paige grinned, "We're here a day early and we can get rid of this bottle of acid tonight."  About 9pm Fritz was sitting at the bar, he had been drinking quite a bit.  "Hey," Jules said to him, "Are you going to get hammered all night, or do want some action?"  He remembered Jules and grinned stupidly.  Then Paige came over.  "This is my friend, we do everything together," Jules said seductively as Fritz checked Paige's firm tits out.  "I like to do it outdoors," Paige said, "I know a place where we 3 can have a private party."  Paige led him outside. Jules called Mady over & told her what was going to happen.  Mady gasped at first, but swore on her native Sweden not to say anything.  Anyone that could hurt Andrew deserved to be punished anyway.

          They led Fritz into the woods, where they made him take off his pants.  When he leaned over to kiss Jules, she quickly sliced open his throat with a sickle.  Fritz's world went black so quickly he didn't even know what happened.  After he hit the ground, Jules cut off his dick and robbed him of all his jewelry and money. Paige poured the acid on his face.  No one could inquire whom he left with if they couldn't identify him.

          Back at the Hofbrau, Jules and Paige threw their gloves and bloody clothes in a trash bag.  After they dumped it, Jules asked Paige if she knew anything about the underground tunnel the guys used to get back & forth.  Peter had told Paige about a tree stump that was actually an entrance to the tunnel.  Frieda and Cyndy were asleep, but Tammy decided to take a trip with them.  It was a nice walk before they found it.  The girls laughed at the tree stump with a lid and climbed down to the tunnel.  It was past lights out already, but they were sure that no one would mind.  At the end was a ladder, which everyone climbed.  A bed bunk rose to the top and the girls were in the men's barracks.  There was a tiny light on & most of the guys were still awake.  Stunned for a second, LeBeau and Newkirk recognized the girls and smiled.  "How'd you find us love?" Peter Newkirk asked.  "We found the tree stump," answered Paige.  Andrew came out of Colonel Hogan's stateroom and couldn't believe it.  He ran to Jules and embraced her tightly.  "Hey, if you're going to be noisy, go into the tunnel," Sgt. Kinchloe remarked. He was happy to see the girls too, but sad that Cyndy was not with them.  "Are you Tammy, my name is Richard Baker," said a gorgeous medium skinned African-American man.  Tammy thought he was the best-looking guy she ever saw.  "It should be a crime to be so fine!" exclaimed Tammy as she checked out his body through his tight long underwear.  "In the tunnel, lovers and lovers to be," Ivan reminded them.  Baker tapped the top bunk and the entrance to the tunnel opened.  All 6 of them went down.  "I'm surprised Hogan didn't come out of his stateroom," Jules told the guys.  "Colonel Hogan's on some pretty heavy medication for the pain in his knee, he's deep asleep now," Andrew told her.  The couples took to different areas of the underground so they could be alone.  Andrew kissed Jules deeply.  This isn't the prettiest place in the world but at least we're alone now, not that we have to do anything you don't want to, Andrew told her nervously.  They found a place on the floor to sit down. Andrew just wanted to hold Jules and not let her go.  As she placed kisses all over his neck, he lifted her shirt off over her head.  She was wearing plain black clothes, but underneath she had on a lacy lilac bra & lace thong.  Andrew wrestled out of his long underwear and pinned Jules to the floor.  He pulled her hair and showered her body with kisses.  He pulled her thong to the side and licked her pussy like a crazed madman.  Jules came quickly & begged him to fuck her hard.  He fucked her hard and fast, making Jules scream.  The sweat from his brow was dripping all over her body, making her skin glisten. 

          Meanwhile, Peter and Jules were in another part of the tunnel.  He was doing her doggy-style, commenting on how she had the best ass in the universe.  His glistening cock slid in and out of her as his balls rocked back & forth against her ass.  Paige felt like she was going to explode as Peter put his hand near her clit and started rubbing it.  When the pulsing waves of her orgasm were felt on Peter's dick, he pumped even harder until he came.  When Paige stood up, Peter kissed her back & shoulders.    After talking and cuddling for a while, Paige said it was time to go.  Peter went back up the tunnel at Paige's insistence, so he wouldn't find the other girls in compromising positions.  Paige walked around a bit and caught Jules licking the cum off of Andrew's dick.  She took a detour where she found Tammy and Richard just making out.  "Um, I think we should all regroup at the Hofbrau tomorrow," Paige told them.   Tammy got up and kissed Richard goodbye and caught a nice glimpse of his erection through his long underwear.  When they caught up with Jules and Andrew, they were both almost dressed.  Andrew walked the girls out of the tunnel & told them to be careful on the way back.

          Walking back, Paige teased Jules, "How did it taste?"  "I thought you saw us," Jules told her friend.  "I didn't ask that, I asked how it tasted," Paige was busting Jules' chops now.  "Want to lick my face?"  Jules snapped back.  Paige changed the subject and asked Tammy, "What about you & Richard?"  "I wanted to make sure he wasn't an idiot or something," Tammy explained, "We talked for a while, I like him, I hope he comes to the club tomorrow."

          The next night at the Hofbrau, a full crowd packed the place as the Paige Prescott Band played their new R&B, jazz-inspired songs to a frenzied crowd.  Richard Baker, Andrew Carter, and Louis LeBeau with his date Marya were the prisoners whose turn it was to sneak out that night.  Louis introduced Marya to the girls. They said hello and Darnell & Frieda invited them to a card game.  Marya was dressed in a yellow dress with gold trim.  As they walked off to the card table, Paige asked Cyndy& Jules, "What the hell is she wearing, a tablecloth?"

          Richard went into the dressing room with Tammy.  It was a big bright room with lots of mirrors.  Tammy locked the door.  Richard put his arms around Tammy, sliding them lower to touch her big beautiful bottom.   Slowly they undressed each other.  Richard took a pack of condoms out of his pocket along with a small device.  "This was supposed to be part of a radio transmitter, but instead of ticking, it vibrates," Richard told her, "I thought we could have some fun with it."  Tammy could see their naked reflections in the big mirrors around them.  Tammy reached for some of her favorite lotion, and then laid back as she poured a little icy pool of it on her stomach.  Richard rubbed the lotion down her "happy trail" and into her most intimate spot.  He took his little device and a soft buzz emitted from it.  He placed it at the side of her inner lips, so the feeling would not be too overwhelming.  Waves of pleasure went through Tammy's body as Richard gently moved the little buzzer back and forth.  Tammy could see her lips become red and wet as she looked at herself and Richard in the mirror.  "Ah, that feels so good," she moaned.   Richard turned up the buzzer a little more.  Tammy started to roll her hips in a circular motion.  She could feel her pussy getting warmer and warmer until she finally reached an intense and wild climax.  She pushed Richard's now-too-intense buzzer away as she creamed all over the floor.  She felt so good, she laughed a little.  As Richard lay down next to her, she started to tease & suck his nipples while stroking his balls.  She slid down to kiss the dimples of his ass as she took his manhood into her hands.  She opened a condom package and slid the smooth, lubed condom on him.  Richard exchanged looks between Tammy's beautiful face and her reflection in the mirror.  Richard watched Tammy pick up his little toy, turn it on and use it on his balls.  He had never felt anything so intense in his life.  His body felt out of control as he exploded inside her.  As he held Tammy close, he was glad they both enjoyed the little toy with each other.

          Up in Jules' room Andrew was thankful for the nice leather gloves she had gotten him from France.  "I have a small gift for you too Jules, I'm not sure that it is good enough for you," he told her.  "Anything from your heart is the best thing you could give me," Jules assured him.  Andrew took out a small stuffed bunny and gave it to her.  He explained how he and Louis had caught a rabbit with a trap he had made.  They were catching it for dinner, but when they caught one, they just kept it as a pet.  "Stewy is what I named him, that doll looks a lot like him," Andrew went on, "He's a friend I can hold when I'm lonely, maybe the doll can do the same for you while we're apart."  It was so sweet; Jules cuddled the doll then kissed Andrew.  She laid her head on his chest while he told her about his family and the home life he missed.

          The next day as the prisoners of Stalag 13 fell out for morning muster, General Burkhalter joined Colonel Klink to tell the men the latest news.  In his high-pitched, annoying voice, the General went on to say that an unidentified Gestapo agent was found dead andmutilated in the woods far south of the camp.  He would need several of Klink's guards to scope the area for the next 2 nights.  "No problem sir," Klink said in a nervous voice that almost sounded like he was singing, I have an iron hand around here, as you know no one has ever escaped Stalag 13 and gotten away with it."  "So you keep telling me," Burkhalter said sullenly.  The men were dismissed and were put on garbage detail.  "Gee, someone must have been really miff with that Gestapo guy to have killed him so brutally," Sgt. Carter told the guard Sgt. Schultz.  "Horrible," replied the obese guard, "I'm glad I'm not one of the Gestapo, would never want to be."  Colonel Hogan, who was recovering slowly from his recent injury, watched his men from a bench outside the barracks.  Kinch was doing a great job and it was sort of nice not having to do as much as he usually did.  He felt a little guilty though, and hoped his knee would heal fast, so he could be in full command again.  Sgt. Kinchloe, Corporal Newkirk, and a prisoner who slept in Carter's rack while he was either on a mission or at the Hofbrau, Sgt. Nate Thomas were hoping that the day would go by quickly so they could go to the Hofbrau tonight.  With fewer guards around, it would be easier than ever to sneak out.

          That night, after the show Cyndy gave a big hug to Ivan.  "Coca brother, I missed you," she told him.  "You didn't come to the barracks like 3 of your friends did, I was disappointed," Ivan held her out to look at her.  "I didn't even know about it, I was asleep when they left," she explained.  They slow danced to the soft music that was playing in the background.  "We're leaving tomorrow," she sighed, "We wont be back this time for 3 months."  "I'll still write to you when I can," the dark skinned, muscular man told her, "It's a little hectic with Colonel Hogan's condition."  "How's the new guy, Sgt. Baker?" Cyndy inquired.  "He's great, a super guy," Ivan answered.  "Tammy seems to think so too," Cyndy mused.

          Frieda saw the cute Sgt. at the bar.  "Who is that guy?" she asked Peter, I've never seen him before."  "Oh you speak to trolls now love?" Peter said humorously, "That's Nate Thomas, he's single, go talk to him."  "Thanks troll," the English lady said to him while trailing off to the bar.  Nate was more than happy to slow dance with the blond beauty that led him to the dance floor.

          Ivan & Cyndy had gone upstairs.  Ivan's toned naked chocolate body was lying face down on her bed.  Cyndy straddled him as she poured warm oil on to his back.  His aching muscles needed her special touch as she kneaded and caressed every inch of him.

          Paige was all over Peter's chunky ass.  She returned the favor he did to her the first time they ever made love.  She planted kisses all the way down to his feet.  She continued by licking and sucking his toes.  "You know if your feet were funky, I would not be doing this to you," she jokingly remarked.  "Just keep on do what your doing, my honey coated love," he said to her.

          It was 3:30 am as Ivan & Peter came down the stairs.  Nate & Frieda were holding hands at the card table.  "I have to go sweetheart," Nate said to her, "I should be able to sneak out of camp tomorrow to bid you farewell."  Frieda kissed him on the cheek and smiled.  Once outside, Peter started taunting Nate, "Aww, how cute you 2 are."  Nate slapped Newkirk on the back of his head and they all started laughing.

          It wasn't hard to for Sgt. Kinchloe to convince Colonel Klink to send a working party to clean the Hofbrau that afternoon.  Colonel Klink was usually suspicious of Hogan, but Kinch he trusted.  Accompanied by Sgt. Schultz, the prisoners cleaned while conversing with the ladies.  Schulz saw "nothing" as the guys treated the Sergeant to a hearty lunch, which he ate with great gusto.  Everyone gave their last goodbyes as the tour bus and truck started their engines.  It would be a long 3 months, longer to Andrew than to anyone else.  As he released Jules from a bone-crunching embrace, he knew as he saw the vehicles drive away, he had a major decision to make.

"I see your side is about to give up," Hogan mused in Colonel Klink's office, "So much for German efficiency, huh Kommandant?"  "Shut up Hogan, I don't want to talk about it," Klink responded.  Inside, Klink was relieved at the idea that the war would end soon. No more of General Burkhalter trying to set him up with his hideously ugly sister, Gertrude and more importantly, no more innocent lives lost because of Hitler and his evil band of goons.  Unexpectedly, Major Hochstetter burst into Klink's office.  He pointed at Colonel Hogan and screamed, "WHAT IS THIS MAN DOING HERE?"  "He was just leaving sir," Klink was shaking in his boots as the angry Gestapo glared at him, "Weren't you Hogan?"  "Dismissed!" Klink saluted Hogan.  Hogan did the wise thing and left.  Hurriedly entering the barracks, Hogan had his men gathered around the coffee pot that Sgt. Kinchloe had ingeniously made into a one-way radio that would pick up conversations from Klink's office.  "I went to pay my last respects to Colonel Backscheider yesterday," the nasty little Gestapo went on, "He said the night before he was taken to the hospital, he heard the Russian spy Marya and the chef LeBeau having relations in the next room."  "I know it doesn't matter much now, with this dammed Yalta conference going on in America, but it would please me to have Marya killed, before I make my escape to Argentina," Major Hochstetter smirked.  "But sir, why?" asked Klink nervously.  "She may have had something to do with that murdered Gestapo that was found 2 months ago," the Gestapo went on, "Anyway you don't have to worry about it, you coward, I will take care of it tonight, so stay out of sight!"  "What about the chef?" Klink asked meekly.  "He's not even worth my time," the Major replied, "What, he used the victim's dick for stew?"   With that, Hochstetter turned on his heel and left.

          "That bastard!" Corporal Louis LeBeau exclaimed, "I will kill him myself tonight!"  "Ok," replied Hogan, "We will help Marya escape through the tunnel," "LeBeau and Carter, go pretend to clean Klink's quarters and sneak Marya through the tunnel under the stove, from there she can get to the train station and go wherever she wants."  Hogan led his men to Klink's office and found Colonel Klink slumped in his chair.  Hogan saluted him,  "Cleaning detail sir, they'll just tidy up your room and leave."  Klink just nodded and waved his hand.  Meanwhile, the POW's had found Marya in one of the guest rooms, had her pack her things, and started leading her down the tunnel that was behind the stove in Klink's room.  Carter stayed in Klink's room, while LeBeau led her through the tunnel.  "Darlink, you are my hero for saving my life," she said as she stroked the back of his neck.  Louis removed her fur coat and nuzzled his face in between her breasts as he told her,  "I will give you money to go to Paris, here is the address of my sister Nina, she will let you stay there until I return home."  "Darlink, take me one more time before we part," she said as she slid his sweater over his head.  LeBeau lifted up Marya's dress and removed her panties with his teeth.  He parted her lips with his fingers and found the pearl of her oyster.  He moved his tongue up and down the side of her inner lips and gently sucked her clit.  Waves of warmth flowed through her body as he brought her to orgasm.  Marya dropped to the floor and removed her dress.  Louis had her lie on her side as he entered her.  He put his hand on her smooth ass and watched as his cock slid in and out of her pussy.  Marya brushed her fingers against her breasts and stomach.  "Ahh, I love it like this," Marya moaned as Louis shot his warm fluid inside of her.  Louis held her and kissed her deeply.
He felt like it was over too soon as they got dressed and headed toward the end of the tunnel. "However can I thank you darlink?" She asked her lover. "When I return to Paris, I want you to be in that dress that I met you in and wear your hair in a bun with the jewels in it," Louis replied.  "I will do that for you darlink, as long as I can still fit into that dress," she replied.  Louis didn't have to ask why.  He'd forgotten to ask Newkirk for rubbers the whole time Marya was here. He only hoped, that he would be home in time for her to have the baby.  "I will marry you when I return home, my love," Louis told her as they saw each other off.  He handed Marya her bag as she go onto the train.  He thanked God he'd gotten her out of Germany on time.

          Corporal LeBeau had made it back to the barracks just in time when Sgt. Schultz arrived with mail for the POW's.  Many of the prisoners swarmed the large Sergeant hoping to having gotten a letter from their loved ones.  Sgt. Carter who was in his rack stroking his pet rabbit Stewy, came down and put Stewy on the table while Schulz handed him his letter.  It was another perfumed note from his girl Jules.  It would be another month when would be able to see her again.  As he read the letter, his stomach dropped:

Dearest Andrew,
We have been lucky enough to come to Greece.  It is beautiful out here.  I wish you could enjoy it with me.  This of course was not a scheduled tour date, it was Darnell's idea and we figured it would be safe while negotiations are going on between America and Europe.  This change in our schedule will delay our trip back to Hammelburg by 2 or 3 weeks.  I am really sorry Andrew.  I promise that when we finally do get back together, it will have been worth the wait.  Please try not to be too upset, think of me tonight resting my head upon your chest, my hair tingling your smooth skin.  There is nowhere else I want to be, except with you Andrew, just remember that.

Always in your love,


          Andrew was just finishing the letter when Corporal Peter Newkirk snapped at him, "Hey your bleedin' rabbit is chewin' up my bloody letters!"  Andrew took Stewy off the table and put him outside.  "Bloody inconsiderate ain't 'e?" Newkirk asked the other prisoners.  "Shut up, dog gonnit Newkirk!" Carter yelled at the Englishman.  "Oh you're a bloody tough guy now are ya?" Newkirk got up from the table.  Andrew pushed Newkirk and his back hit the wall.  All hell broke loose as a fight ensued and many of the POW's who had not seen any excitement in a long time hooted and hollered at the scene.  Sgt. Richard Baker ran to Klink's office and found Hogan in a lip lock with Klink's secretary, Hilda.  "Sir, there's a big fight in the barracks," The radioman told him.  Hogan rushed over and found Sgt. Kinchloe who had come from under the tunnel, holding back Carter and LeBeau trying to restrain Newkirk.  "Break it up NOW guys, before you get all of us 30 days in the cooler!" demanded Colonel Hogan.  The crowd of cheering prisoners started to disperse and the 2 men fighting restrained themselves just as the underground tunnel opened.  Climbing up the ladder was the underground contact, Tiger.  Hogan had not always been kind to her, but she was a risky and brave agent, and though he rarely showed it, he had the utmost respect for her.  Carter went outside and Newkirk sat down and lit a cigarette.  Andrew had forgotten to put away his letter, so Newkirk saw what it said and felt stupid for being such a dickhead.  He folded the letter and put it on Carter's rack.  Meanwhile, Hogan wondered why Tiger had made her surprise visit.  "The war will be over in a few months, I'm sure," the cute redhead replied, "I wanted to make sure I got to see you one last time."  Just at that moment, Colonel Klink barged into the barracks.  There had been so much chaos in the past few minutes, no one had been looking out.  "Hogan!" Klink waved his finger in the air "Major Hochstetter is here and he's looking for Marya!" "Have you seen her?" the upset Colonel asked.  The men had surrounded Tiger so Klink didn't notice her.  "No Kommandant, I haven't," Hogan responded, "Should I tell her that you're looking for her?"  "Never mind," Klink responded and stormed out the door.  "Looks like I came at a very bad time," Tiger told Hogan, "What is with all this havoc?"  Hogan explained to her what was going on with Marya and that he wasn't exactly sure what the barracks brawl was all about.  "Well," said Tiger, since business has been slow so to speak, why don't we take care of that nasty little Gestapo."  Tiger explained her plan to Hogan.  At first he thought it would be unnecessary and dangerous, but what if Hochstetter got mad enough to shoot Klink?  Maybe he would think that it was the Kommandant that helped her escape.  If Klink was killed and replaced with a competent Colonel, their whole operation would be blown.  Reluctantly, Hogan went along with Tiger's plan.

          About an hour later in Klink's office, Hochstetter was screaming in Klink's face when Hogan walked in on them.  "Not now Hogan," a sweaty, terrified Klink said to him.  "WHAT IS THIS MAN DOING HERE?" the Gestapo yelled, his face red.  "My men just want an extra hour of recreation time," Hogan calmly replied, "That's not too much to ask for is it?"  "Maybe you would like to be shot, like Marya!" The Gestapo angrily exclaimed.  "Marya?" she's not shot, she's taking a walk right now," Hogan lied.  "A WALK?" screamed the Major, "WHERE?"  "It looked like she was going south of the Stalag," Hogan calmly replied, "Why is there something wrong?"  "Get out of my way, if I don't find her tonight, I will come back and shoot both of you!"  Exclaimed the madman.  Klink sat at his desk with his hands over his face.  "I'll tell the guys you'll need time to think about that extra hour," Hogan saluted and left.

          Somewhere south of the Stalag, Tiger nervously waited.  She was wearing a fur coat and hat similar to the ones that Marya wore.  It was dark outside, so Hochstetter wouldn't be able to see her face.  Corporal LeBeau, as well as Sergeants Kinchloe and Baker were hiding out close to her.  They heard clapping which meant Hogan was headed their way.  Hogan, dressed in black like the other 3 men, crouched down next to Kinchloe as they waited for Hochstetter to arrive.  "A nice night for a walk Marya?" Hochstetter's voice could be heard from the distance.  "A nice place for killing a Gestapo and cutting off his manhood too, huh Marya?" Hochstetter kept on talking while Tiger kept her back to him.  As the major approached Tiger, the men cocked their weapons.  Hochstetter could hear the clicking and he turned around and shot behind him.  At that moment, Tiger pulled out her pistol and shot Hochstetter in the back.  LeBeau fired a shot to the Major's neck and he hit the ground.  Tiger walked over to the dying Gestapo and said, "You can keep your so-called  manhood, no one wants it."  The Major who then saw that it was not Marya, gasped and died.  Back at the barracks the men were in awe of Tiger's braveness and of LeBeau's sharp shooting.  Hogan led Tiger through the tunnel, so she could get to the train station and return to London.  "I have been harsh on you at times, because you are a woman," Hogan went on, "I must admit I was wrong to think that you were weak or incompetent because you were not a man."  Tiger blushed, "I think you are a brave and extraordinary man, I am honored to have known you Colonel Hogan."  "Please call me Robert," the Colonel insisted, "There is a small Inn near the train station, "Do you want to stop there for the night before boarding your train?"  I'd like that very much," Tiger replied.  Tiger purchased her morning ticket with the counterfeit money that the POW's were experts at making.  She booked a small room at the Inn and Hogan joined her.
          The Inn had a tiny water closet, so taking a shower together was out of the question.  Robert went in first while Tiger was getting her luggage organized. She was glad she'd brought extra clothes and fresh sexy underwear.  She brought them into the shower with her and came out surprising Hogan with her sexy garb.  Her bra was black and lacy and her panties had a little clip on the side for easy removal.  Robert didn't take long to admire her when he grabbed her freshly scrubbed, petite body and placed her on the bed.  He held her body upside down while he kneeled.  He unsnapped the clip on her panties and began liking her pussy.  Tiger gasped as Robert made broad strokes with his tongue against her inner lips. He slid his hand under her bra to feel her pert breasts. Tiger's legs were wrapped around Robert's head and they started to shake as she came closer and closer to climaxing.  Robert felt Tiger's vagina get very warm as she pointed her toes and climaxed.  Her body shook for a few seconds as Robert gently lowered her bottom to the bed.  Tiger embraced him and planted kisses on his stomach and sides.  She ran her fingers through his dark, salt and pepper hair as she worked her way up to his neck; placing firm kisses behind his ear.  Robert moaned softly as he caressed her back and felt her damp, red hair brush against him ever so slightly.  Tiger straddled Robert's body and rode him, slowly at first, then faster and faster.  She got off of him when he warned her that he was going to come.  She stroked his wet member until he released his hot juices all over her hand and his stomach.  A few minutes later, Robert tucked Tiger into bed and stroked her hair and back until she fell asleep.  He then quietly got dressed and snuck out the door.

          Back at the barracks the next morning, Newkirk and Carter were talking.  Newkirk had apologized for being so rude and understood why Carter snapped the way he did, after all he missed Paige too.  "I've been saving most of my money to buy her a nice ring," Andrew told the Englishman.  "Why don't you use the counterfeit money we make in the tunnel?"  Newkirk asked him.  "Because it wouldn't really be from me then, I want it to be from me," Andrew replied, staring off into space.  "Look mate, 've been a bloody asshole to you on more than one occasion, let me make it up to you," Newkirk said as he went into his rack and pulled out 3 gold pocket watches.  Carter saw what Newkirk was doing and refused to take the watches at first.  Newkirk convinced him to take them and pawn them at the jewelry shop so he would have extra money for some nice bands too.  Carter was thankful to his friend and knew he could afford to purchase a nice ring for Jules, even if it wouldn't be as extravagant as the doorknob-sized rocks she already owned.

          Meanwhile in Greece, Jules sat in an empty church.  She was on her knees sobbing, begging the Lord not to send her to hell for the killings she committed.  She dared not confess to the priest, for she was not Catholic, and believed sins were confessed to God, not man.  Paige sat in the back pew.  There was never anyone they had killed who didn't deserve it.  They consisted 5 or 6 rapists, Gestapos, and a few other sub-humans who had no business being alive to begin with.  It wasn't fun and Paige wasn't proud of it.  She vowed not to do it again except in extreme cases. 
          Jules thought about her parents.  Her mother had fell ill and died when she was very young.  Her father, a shipyard worker was a kind and quiet man.  Often the other workers would rough him up for being as they called him, a "dark-skinned-ginny".  About a month after Jules had graduated high school, her dad was involved in an "accident" where he had received massive head injuries and died.  The shipyard paid for the final expenses and even gave Jules some cash to move into a new apartment.  Maybe it was an accident, but Jules doubted it.  About a year later, she, Paige, Tammy, and Cyndy decided to hit the road with their band.  They picked up Frieda and Darnell along the way and had pretty much been touring and entertaining the troops for the last 2 years.  She prayed that Andrew would be safe and never find out about the killings.  He was kind and sweet, much like her dad.  She also found his naivety to be quite sexy.  When she was ready to leave, she walked up to Paige, and they went outside.  Paige had been chatting with a priest, but didn't tell him what they were doing there.  This was the last day they'd be in Greece, and though Darnell would be disappointed, Jules was anxious to get back to Germany.

          "How fast do you think Yvette could make a dress?"  Carter jokingly asked LeBeau.  "What, you're going to marry Jules here?" the Frenchman replied, "She hasn't even said yes yet and you want me to make a dress?"  "I can hook you up with the chaplain whenever you're ready," interrupted Sgt Nate Thomas, who was studying to become a chaplain himself.   LeBeau wondered if he should've had an impromptu marriage to Marya.  No, too risky, Louis thought.  "Maybe it would take a day or 2 if "Yvette" had the right material," LeBeau told his friend.  "I'm going into town tonight to get the ring and maybe some material," Carter felt his brow sweat.  "Let me go with you, so you don't pick out curtain patterns," LeBeau jokingly mused.

          Over a month had passed, the band was no longer traveling by plane (which Jules detested) but back on the bus.  After what seemed like an eternity, they finally pulled up to the Hofbrau.  The band dragged ass into the bar part of the club, when Jules, Tammy, and Paige were pleasantly surprised to see Andrew, Richard, and Peter waiting for them at the bar.  Jules normally would have been embarrassed as she was not at her best, but the sight of Andrew made her so happy, she felt like she could die.  He greeted her with a dozen pink roses and embraced her tightly.  "Can we be alone," Andrew nervously asked, "I have something to show you."  Jules got her room key and they proceeded to go upstairs.  Jules laid her roses on the table and turned to Andrew.  "Pink is so different, I really love these," Jules gushed.  "You are a very unique person, so it fits you honey," Andrew tried not to sound too nervous as he proceeded to say,  "I know sometimes I come off as a doofus, and I don't have a lot to offer you financially, but I love you Jules" His voice trailed off.  He went up to Jules in the chair she was sitting on and got down on one knee.  He fumbled through his pockets for a moment and took out a small velvet box.  He opened it to show a pink gold ring with swirl type design.  It had a diamond and a pearl in it.  "Will you marry me?"  Andrew thought in his mind, Why would she want to?  Jules started to cry as she took the ring and put it on the finger she always kept bare.  She could only nod her head up and down to show Andrew that she accepted his offer.  A little later on when she calmed down she told him how she felt.  "Andrew, you have a lot of qualities that I don't," she went on, "You're selfless, kind, and gentle, and although I may have more funds than you, what you have is priceless."  "You haven't forgotten my place is in New York right?" she asked.  "I've thought all that out, it's like I told you before, you can meet my parents for a couple of weeks, and after that, your home is my home."  Andrew held her close as he unbuttoned her blouse.  "I want us to be married right away," He told her between kisses, Louis picked out some lovely material for your dress, unique and different, just like you."  Jules breathlessly agreed with him as she felt a warm tingle between her legs.  She unzipped his pants and slid her hands down his backside as she took them off.  Andrew held her against the wall and pressed his hard dick against her crotch. Jules' breaths grew deeper as Andrew grinded against her while they removed the rest of their clothes.  Andrew's throbbing rod found its way into Jules' wet slit as he made love to her standing up.  He moaned loudly as Jules ran her nails down his back and began to sweat.  Tears ran down Jules' face as Andrew exploded in her.  She hoped their love life would always be this hot.

          "What's the champagne for?" Paige inquired to her lover, Peter.  "Well love, I've got a gut feelin' this war is bound to be over soon," he replied to her.  While the champagne chilled, Peter fed her pieces of cool honeydew from his fingers.  She was wearing a baby tee with no bra.  Peter gently pulled on her nipples so he could see them more prominently through her shirt. He gently kissed her lips and tasted the sweet juice the fruit left behind.  Paige brushed back her long, light brown hair as Peter kissed her neck and moved his hands down to her private spot.  He inserted 2 of his fingers inside her wet slit and bent them in a "come here" motion.  Paige had never felt anything so sensational in her life.  She clasped her hands around his neck tightly as the combination of vaginal and clitoral vibes flowed through her body.  She had Peter lay on his back as she went for the champagne.  Instead of pouring herself a glass, she took the bottle, and poured some of it on Peter.  The champagne bubbled on his thick, sexy body as Paige went to lick it off.  Peter's cock was so stiff; he could drive nails with it.  Paige put a condom on him and straddled him backwards, so he could get a great view of her ass.  Paige held on to Peter's knees as she rode him up and down.  The pressure was great against her clit and she exploded in ecstasy again as Peter stroked her bottom.  Peter loved the sensation of Paige rubbing his balls and his body shook as he came in her.  "Ahh, love, I think you are the only bird I'll actually remember by name after the war," Peter confessed to her, "How about moving to England when this is all over?"  "No, I think I stay in America." Paige replied, "Buy the way, what are you going to do after the war?"  Peter thought about rejoining the circus, but Paige suggested to him, "Why don't you open a gentlemen's club in London?"  Peter didn't think he had enough money to do such as thing, as Europe would probably be wise to counterfeit funds after the war.  "I've made a lot of money on the road honestly and dishonestly," Paige explained, "Let me loan you some money so you can open that club."  "No, I couldn't do that," Peter told her.  Paige insisted, "It'll be our way of keeping in touch, we can be business partners and see what happens from there."  "I'll visit you to see how you are doing," Paige said.  "Sounds good, but at the risk of sounding like a sexist pig, I feel weird taking money from a lady," Newkirk embarrassingly told her, "Let me think about it."  Nothing more was brought up on the subject as Peter kissed Paige deeply, preparing her for another round of lovemaking.

          The next evening it was LeBeau's, Kinchloe's, and Hogan's turn to visit the Hofbrau.  After the show, LeBeau went up to Jules' room to fit her for her gown.  The material Louis chose was lacy and shimmery with the slightest trace of pink in the color.  It was really sweet going along with the pink roses and pink gold ring Andrew gave her.  "Mademoiselle," Louis lightheartedly teased her, "It's a good thing Andrew purchased enough material to cover your bosom."  Jules laughed and when he was done she gave Louis a peck on the cheek.  It would take at least 2 days, hopefully enough time for Colonel Hogan to come up with a plan to let Colonel Klink allow the ceremony.

          "Hogan, this is absurd," Klink replied to Hogan when he explained Carter's situation to him the following day.  "Sir, the war is ending soon and all of us may never see each other again," Hogan tried to sound sad, "Carter just wants to do this while he still has us as friends, besides he wants me to be his best man."  "I don't know Hogan," Klink's voice trailed off.  Hogan spoke up again, "Sir, do you really think anyone cares at this point?"  Klink tried to figure out what Hogan meant by that when he said again, "No one cares about anything now, was there an investigation into Hochstetter's disappearance?"  Klink remembered the phone call he received from General Burkhalter in Berlin.  The fat generals voice sounded none too concerned and even hinted that this would be their last conversation.  As Klink was thinking, Hogan spoke again, "What about the time we saved you from the firing squad"  "Enough already," Klink responded, "Ok, I'll allow it, just no funny stuff, Hogan."  "There's nothing funny about it," Hogan said sarcastically, marriage is a very serious matter."  On that note, Hogan saluted and left.

          Back at the barracks, Sgt. Chris Olsen had paid the guys a surprise visit.  Olsen had helped the POW's get information at the start of the war, but lately no one had seen or heard from him.  "They're sending me home tomorrow," Olsen told the crowd in the barracks, "Don't get too excited, but I heard that everyone here is gonna be sent home in a few weeks."  Hogan reminded his men to enjoy the good news, but not get too worked up about it.  Olsen congratulated Carter and said goodbye to everyone before going into the tunnel.  "I've got to say farewell to the dogs too," Olsen referring to the dog van that snuck him in and out of camp.  Louis was putting the finishing touches to Jules' gown.  Carter would sneak into town tonight and give it to her, but he would not see her in it until tomorrow.  Carter did not stay at the Hofbrau too late the night before the wedding, he wanted Jules to rest, so everything would be perfect for their weeding day.

          Carter's stomach was in knots as he waited in the recreation center for Jules to come down the aisle. The POW's all had their uniforms perfectly pressed and the ladies of the Paige Prescott Band looked lovely in their best dresses.  Hogan stood at the side and made sure Carter had the ring.  The chaplain had spoken to both Jules and Andrew earlier that week and had helped them get their marriage license.  Sgt. Nate Thomas started playing the organ and Jules came walking down the aisle.  She looked incredible in her sparkling dress.  LeBeau had done a marvelous job on it.  It showed just enough cleavage and was form-fitting to her curves.  The ceremony was quick and the rings were exchanged, a pink band for Jules and a gold band for Andrew.  When the couple walked out of the building, the POW's threw rice and the women fought over the bouquet.  Frieda caught it and all of the prisoners who knew her (except Thomas) laughed amongst each other.

          Klink had allowed the couple to stay in a hotel for one night.  Why not?  No one was coming around anymore to check on the Stalag and no calls were coming in, so who cared?  Klink was tired of the war anyway and wanted to go home.

          The hotel room was spacious and warm.  Andrew looked really sexy in his spiffy uniform and Jules just wanted to look at him for a moment.  She put her arms around him. "I love you so much, there is no one kinder than you," She said softly.  Andrew unzipped the back of Jules' dress.  As it fell to the floor, Andrew saw the bustier and tap pants that Louis had made with the leftover material.  He must have gotten them to her himself, Andrew thought, because he didn't remember them in the same package as the dress.  It was a great surprise and it turned him on immensely.  Jules began to feel Andrew up through his uniform.  She unbuttoned his shirt and pressed her lips to his chest.  Andrew felt so excited at the sight of her outfit; he thought he would cum right through his pants.  He asked Jules to slow down a little; he didn't want to ruin the moment.  Jules fetched her colored scented oil and ran a bath for them.  In the tub Jules used a cup from the room to pour the jasmine scented water over Andrew's shoulders and back.  The slightly oily violet water made it easy for Jules to rub Andrew's tense muscles and calm him down a bit.  They got out of the tub and rolled around on the floor.  Jules messed up Andrew's hair so it looked like it had been in a wind tunnel.  She loved his hair like that.  Andrew entered her as they lay side by side.  The carpet felt a little rough on Jules, but she didn't care that much.  It felt so good to be where she was.  Andrew shook and closed his eyes tightly as he came.  He was worried that he'd done so too fast.  "You get very excited, and that turns me on Andrew," Jules purred in Andrew's ear,  "Now you can spend some time kissing me where it feels best."  Andrew went between her legs and spent a long time giving her oral pleasure.

          Colonel Klink tried not to pay attention to the fact that the number of guards was dwindling more & more each day.  He hoped he could go home soon and start a real life.  The strangest thing was that although the guards seemed to be disappearing, the prisoners were still all at the Stalag.  Hogan walked into Klink's office.  "Sir, have you read your mail yet?" Hogan beamed, "I believe there's an important message you could read."  Klink went through his papers and found a telegram; his fingers shook as he read it.  "Well Hogan, it seems that we will all be leaving tomorrow!"  Klink excitedly said.  "How did you know about this?"  Klink asked the Colonel.  "Sir, I don't think you really need to know," Hogan quipped, "Even though we've known each other for a long time."  "Never mind Hogan," Klink dismissed him.

          The next day was full of excitement as the prisoners were driven to the train station.  The band's bus and truck followed behind them.  At the station, Klink and Schultz shook hands with everyone as he bid them goodbye.  Newkirk asked Paige once more, "Are you sure you don't want to come to England?"  "I think I will take you up on that now that I have this massive amount of pounds I traded for German currency," Paige slyly replied.  Newkirk laughed at her cleverness and asked, "What about your man back home?"  "Oh, he broke up with me while we were in Greece," Paige explained, "He's moving to California or something, I didn't really care."  "Well, I may some explaining to do myself," Newkirk quipped.  "I'm just going to stay with you for a few weeks, then I'm going back to New York, so don't stress about it too much," Paige told him.  "Ok love, whatever you want, shall we got then?"  He took her hand as they boarded the train.  Everybody promised to keep in touch, though some of them knew they wouldn't, especially the girls who didn't want move from New York to live somewhere else.  Paige teased Jules who was not very excited about going to Indiana to meet Andrew's parents.  "I just hope it goes by fast," Jules muttered.

          Six Months Later

Paige took the elevator down 1 floor to visit Jules in their apartment complex.  "How does Andrew like his new job?" Paige asked.  "He loves blowing stuff up for stage shows when he can, it's a lot more exciting than his other job at the drugstore."  "Peter's club seems to be doing good," I'm going back there next month," Paige told her friend.  "I got a letter from Louis," Jules said, "He and Marya had a baby girl named Suzette Louise and his restaurant is doing really well."  "I heard from Cyndy that Hogan is running for the Ohio senate and Richard Baker is part of the secret service now," Paige said.  "Oh Louis mentioned that Ivan was commissioned," Jules said, "I'm happy for him, he deserved it." "Andrew's still sleeping so come back later, we'll have lunch together, just you and me," Jules walked her friend out the door.  Jules climbed into her waterbed and put her arms around Andrew.  He took her hand kissed it.  She was happy to have survived the trip from Europe, from Andrew's parent's house (they were really nice) and from her own guilt.  She loved living in New York, loved her life, loved being in love.


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