You've decided you want to be more like me. It's obvious, why else would you dig this far into my brain? I'm always one step ahead of you little people....

Yes, I am a for reals Archbishop! I paid my five bucks and it's all nice and legal like, so just back away slowly from that one, eh pal. There's only going to be one of us, so if you try anything, there's going to be trouble.

In fact, go away now.


--Dave uh.... "Smith"
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D & L. Not allowed to name names here. D & L scanned almost all the photos and graphics on this site. They also made the pages that look good whilst I drank their beer and ate their food. Then I screwed up the pages after they were done when I was messing around. If you've seen any of these graphics before, now you know where they came from.

mr. style. that's me. yeah.

Mr. Style was responsible for making me hand-code the earlier geocities incarnation of this site back in 1996, and he coined the archbishop catchphrase.

just as an archbishop is one point holier than a bishop, he is also one point drunker.

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