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We're gonna record a CD that should be out in some year on Trekkerds. Release number NCC 1701-A

And a quick, cut & paste from the index page:

We got off our ass (well, Bloodhag made us) and we're playing 2 shows in May, 2006. One of my favorite things is people saying, "I thought you broke up years ago". We quit looking for shows years ago but we'll usually play when asked.

Okay, Wednesdsay, May 10 in San Francisco for Bloodhag's record release show. Alternative Tentacles is putting something out by them. Wonder of wonders. Stovokor (Klingon metal band) will be there too. Where and what time? Hellifiknow. When I find out, I'll let all ya'll know. You should check out Bloodhag's site. I emailed them 10,000 years ago saying "Hey! Let us play with you!!" and now we are. It's magic.

Saturday, May 13, we play at the Distillery in Sacramento. 21st and L. With Bloodhag, Stovokor and the 4 Eyes. I'll say it'll start at 10pm and it'll be $6. But I just made the time and price up. It does sound reasonable, doesn't it? No, you're right. We should be paying you to come in.

Past show reports are here.



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