The No Kill I Recording Log

We'll have a CD out sometime. Oh yeah, like that's going to happen.

The best way to hear our songs is by going here and downloading our songs for free. Look around on our site and swipe some pictures for a cover. It's slow, but hey, it's free. They're low-fi mp3s made from a 3rd generation tape. Sorry, but that's all I have.

Our known releases:

s/t tape (NKI, 1995?) - All the songs on the mp3 site but those are pretty crappy 3rd generation burns.

There was another version of the tape that had songs we recorded with the Orion Slave Girl drumming, but the master from that recording session has been lost. That pretty much sucks 'cause they were good songs. No, wait, the Orion Slave Girl sent me the tape in 2002. Most of those songs are horrible. I don't know what I was thinking.

Swimming the Secret C comp CD (Secret Center, 1996)

Songs About Drinking comp 2LP (Too Many Records, 1996)

Wood Paneled Pacer With Mag Wheels comp (aka the 30 second song comp) LP/ep (Too Many Records, 1997)

I think we're on some other comps on Secret Center and Very Small/Too Many records, but I'm not sure.

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