No Kill I : The Next Generation 

This, basically, was the best band ever. NKI:TNG's only mission was to open for No Kill I on their

last show (supposedly last show). We trained for a month on new tools of destruction (saxamaphone and more).

All members (except the Captain who was always atleast an hour late if he showed up) designed their own battle

costumes and facial hair.

watermelon humper, oliver brown, beardo pink loft with green polka dots

Role Call:

Captain Picard...singer

Number One...bass

Commander Data...guitar

Worf the Klingon...saxamaphone

Lt. O'brien...drums

Some Romulan Ambastard...squeeze box

Here's another NKI: TNG page.

Memorable Songs:

You have the bridge number one

Data is an android

No Kill I: the next generation

We are the borg

..and of course..

Cardasian, get off my turf

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