The Driven



Ground Chuck, drums, vocals
Carl Chaos, guitar
Micah, guitar
Kenny Beasly, bass
Monte, guitar



Anonymous Coward says: You mean Carl "Chaos" on guitar? That dude worked at the der Weinerschnitzel window for the longest time (yes Virginia, there IS a level of punk-ness best avoided).

They had a song about the price of a twelve-pack of Food & Liquor beer called "Three-Thirty-Six." And a song called Red China. (Red china/red china/fuckin' hate you.)

Carl Chaos (or Karl Kaos) was called "penis head" because of his pomp and the fact that he tried (tried, tried and tried some more) to be a rockabilly guy. Went on to front the awful rockabilly trio King Federal (And how did such an ass band land a Rev. Horton Heat support slot? It was the cute girl drummer who worked there, period). The Driven have a TWINKEYZ connection. Make it known that Monte, guitar player for them has an uncle who played on Twinkeez records. Damn I'm good.




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