The Twinkeyz



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Twinkeyz members:

Donnie Jupiter, lead vocal, rhythm guitar
Walter Smith,
Tom Darling, lead guitar, back up vocals
Steve Bateman,
Wit Witkowski,
Keith McKee, drums, back up vocals


Twinkeyz releases:

Aliens in Our Midst/Little Joey 45 (Twirp, 1977)
A liens in Our Midst/1000 Reasons 45 (Grok Records, 1977)
ESP/Cartoonland 45 (Grok Records, 1978)
Alpha Jerk LP (Plurex, 1979)
Aliens in Our Midst: Complete Recordings 1977-80 CD (Anopheles, 1998)

Aliens in Our Midst Alpha Jerk lp Complete Recordings ESP - Cartoonland




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