Peep Offs From Around the World

Ah, a map of Peep Offs around the world!

Alrighty then it's 2004. Griff in Aurora, Ohio has volunteered this year. Normally I wouldn't put his email on here, but he's got an aol account so I figure their spam filters will take care of that.

Fiona the New Yorker hasn't been heard from about 2004.

Late in 2003, James did one in Knoxville, Tennessee when the official Just Born Peep bus came through. Just Born wouldn't get involved and forced him at peep-point to get away from the bus. Pictures here. I think Just Born hates the Peep Off because they know we know that tar is used for the eyes. I'll just put down that he's doing another in 2004, so if you're in Knoxville, contact him through his site.

Way back in 2002 there were nearly three of 'em. Fiona demanded to have one in New York City, but she went weenie and chickened out because she was "attending a crazy art school wrestling match in Boston". I'm pretty sure that's Fiona's code for "drinking and whoring in Long Island".

Brad the Yalie actually did have one in 2002. Some Skull & Bones won, so who cares. Brad felt so bad that he left Yale and is back to being a repo man again.

Fiona the New Yorker said she'd do one for 2003, promising "I'm .... committing to it! I couldn't stand the pressure of letting down all of those peep freaks if I couldn't pull it off." She just sent me email that said "you are ... uncanny!" and "I can ... take the abuse". I I think she's in love with me -- too bad she's no Terri Garr. But anyway, she cancelled again. Full conversation here!