Sacramento: City of a Beer
Weird and Neat Stores

There's lots of neat places to go in Sacramento. Well, that is if you live here -- you don't want to go out of your way to visit here. Sacramento is like one of the fly-over states between LA and NYC.

These aren't in any order. Just what came mind as I sat on my ass at the airport. There's a scary looking 50 year old swinger lady sitting across from me. Her hands say she's 70. Speaking of meth and swingers, you should check out Trinos and look for her.

Here's a list of crud:

  • Capitol Aquarium
    28th & S
    Capitol Aquarium sells fish, but they have plenty of neat stuff to look at. You walk in over a coy pond where you can spend quarters buying fish food. Maybe if you're lucky you can overfeed a coy so it's belly will explode. Or maybe that only works with goldfish. Or maybe that's just an urban myth. We'll have to wait for Rob Cockeyed to feed a fish until it explodes.

  • Grau Hall Medical Supply House
    Elvas & Something (over by blah)
    Man, oh man, is this place great. Need some eyeballs? A pig fetus? Equipment for your meth lab? This is the place to go. Only it's open Mon-Fri 9 to 5. Don't let that stop you.

  • VooDoo Stores!
    up and down Franklin, between 12th/Sutterville and Fruitridge
    Look out for the wild chickens and weirdo cat.
    Stock up on Day of the Dead stuff, Law Be-Gone candles, Make Her Fall In Love With You candles, and nifty Mexican Catholic candles. And they sell neat voodoo potions, too. Along with death and T&A magazines with names like Alarma! Great stuff with bloody photos of car wrecks, gangster killings and a centerfold of a pepperpot hottie in a bikini or The Virgin Mary. Try checking the voodoo store or at the nearby Mexican video store.

  • Evangalines
    Old Sac at 33rd and 3rd
    It's a Stateworker's Paradise! But there's still some neat stuff to look at for us normal folks. It's a costume and wacky zany gift store. All the zany gifts you see in the ads in a comic book.

  • Trinos
    Fulton & Howe
    Sacto's own Swing Club! It's been the punchline of many of my jokes. I'd never been there before, but after seeing the creepy movie Swingers, I grew a mustache and pulled up in my 74 Charger (white vinyl interior, baby!). No, I'm making this up on a plane. I've never been in there yet. And is Swingers about swingers?

  • Curious Goods
    277 Arden in glorious Del Paso Heights
    Is this still open?