Sacramento Video Games:
Arcades and Pinball

There used to be arcade games all over Sacramento. But I'm also 1,000 years old, so I remember stuff like that. I really like Robotron, but I can't find it anywhere. I figured I'd make a list of places with arcade games from the 70s and 80s, along with any type of pinball.

I remember talking to an arcade repairman and he told me that the mob used to run arcades because it's great for money laundering. That makes sense to me, since Ballys makes pinball games and owns casinos.

Please send me info, I love playing old arcade games, and pinball. You should go to the Dixon Pin-a-Go-Go. It's held in Dixon in May (usually? always?). We're also close enough to Santa Cruz - they have a pinball/arcade show held in August I think.

Just a rough idea right now, but try hitting these places. I'll eventually list what games they have.

    • Watt Bowling Alley
      Watt & El Camino

      Tons of games. Mostly new stuff but there's still plenty of pinball

    • Spaghetti Factory
      19th & J
      They just let broken games sit there, but they got rid of Paperboy
    • Victoria's Mexican Restaurant
      West Sac - off Jefferson
      Cocktail Pacman, Donkey Kong, and about 4 other stand-ups