Random True Stories Random True Stories

'someone is going to be in trouble' - Dave Ninja quoting Tutti from the fact of life style

I just wanted a spot to stick true stories. Sort of the sissy crap that Jerk! would've turned into if I kept it up as I got old. Sort of like Dave Ninja's Daily Take used to be back when he did great ones (they're okay now, but you should read through the old ones). A lot of things I do seem like they're a bad made-for-teevee movie even at the time.

The picture is something left on the sidewalk in front of my house. Picture by Charlene. Chalk drawing of me with boobs saying, "Look at me, I'm dave 'smith'" by Eric Chops.

The Nauru story needs a warning. I humped a fat web cam chick and this story is incredibly nauseatingly detailed. Yes, I know it's a horrible story. Years later a girl I went out with dumped me over it which makes me laugh. I figure Nauru will send me angry email but I think I made myself look way worse than her. Family members shouldn't read it. Sorry, Gina "Smith". I should've warned you earlier.

8 Track.

Man Punch Man

Hatchet Face



Why I Got Braces

Caddy vs. Neon

Kangaroo BBQ

Rumbullion Rumbulation

look at me, i'm dave "smith"