Selected Excerpts from a book Dawna found in a thrift store:

25 Good Reasons
Why Men
Should Marry
A Marriage Manual For Husbands On
How To Treat A Wife
For All Intelligent Men Aged 21 to 100

Ira Lunan Ferguson, Ph.D., LL.B
Published in 1976 by
The Lunan-Ferguson Library
2219 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94121

The sea is married to the seashore, he beats her whenever he likes The Man

Chapter 39: How and When Should a Man Beat His Wife?

The answer to this question is -- only when it is absolutely necessary. It has been my observation over the years that the most effective way of curing a wife of doing something offensive or harmful or unbecoming is to give her a licking. (p. 141)

I think that 999 wives out of 1000 would rather have their husbands beat them than leave them. (p.143)

Some women want be treated as equals. Well then, treat such women as equals. How do you treat a kid brother who sasses you? You smack him in the mouth. The best way to beat a wife is with a belt on her bottom, but not with the belt buckle, because that will cut. That psychiatrist said you can't hurt a woman hitting her on the head with your fist. But be careful that if you knock her down, she does not fall on some hard pointed object and hit her head. That could be serious. People have been known to die from falling on the edge of a wooden chair or fixture in the home or office. So be careful. See that she falls on the rug, if she does fall. That won't hurt. Or even on the hardwood floor. That won't hurt either. (p. 148)

Chapter 4: A wife is a Built-In Chauffer

Chapter 5: A wife is a Built-In Chef Cook

Chapter 9: A wife is a Built-In Ego Booster

Chapter 11: A wife is a Built-In Frustration Outlet

Chapter 12: A wife is a Built-In Housekeeper

Chapter 19: A wife is a Built-In Secretary

Chapter 35-2: Women Need to Talk a Lot

Here's a link to his autobiography on a page done by Chapter 33 : A wife is a Built-In Graphic Designer. Okay, that's not her real name. That's not even the real title of Chapter 33. But it doesn't matter because Phoebe Gloeckner actually got to meet Ira! She talks about it on her site. Wow, lucky gal!

If you know of any more of his books or anything about Ira, please email me and let me know.


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