Mostly these are friend's sites worth checking out. The Hogan's Heroes erotica is pretty danged funny.


Mister Monkey by Citizen Lunchbox. If I ever settle down and can't travel, I'll marry Citizen Lunchbox and live in Chicago. There I'll build my monkey-a-pult and launch monkeys into the Great Lakes. Remember, Citizen is allergic to pickles.


The Probe Magazine and Records. Aaron Probe is amazing. When I first read Probe I thought, "what a fuckin' hipster", but then after meeting Aaron, I realized he just doesn't know when to shut up. Not that I know how to shut up either, but he's way worse and way funnier.


King Valiant's Plymouth Valiant Site. If'n you like geeky 60s mopar, and who doesn't, this is a good spot.


Crazy Ol' Jay Caddle's Crazy Ol' Page


Dave Ninja


Lurch and DeeAnn's site. Man From UNCLE and the Shadow pulp fiction


Guy "Mr. Fabulous" Biggle's cyberbilly. Meathenge is the best cooking blog ever.


Hogan's Heroes erotica. Done by a nutcase girl named Charlemange who sent me homemade pretzels that no one at work would eat. Two people put one in their mouths, spit it out, and went outside to smoke cigarettes to get the taste out of their mouths. Really. The pretzel vat is still sitting at work and it's been 3 or 4 years. Want one? Anyway, Pretzel Girl swiped my Archbishop title idea, then she complained to me about other people swiping the idea from her. She's really hot for Larry "Sgt. Carter" Hovis, so most of her erotica concerns him in various teevee roles (in stuff like Gomer Pyle and Liars Club). She yanked down the erotica, but I found a copy and put it up on my site.


Charlene. You may know her as "the fat chick upstairs" from my stuff on Dave Ninja's Daily Take. I'm surprised she's never kicked my ass or slashed my car tires, because being known as "the fat chick upstairs" has to be annoying as fuck. Since I moved in and actually met her, I've taken to using her name "Charlene." I'm getting old.



Poo Girl! She's doing art about her poo. And she's had Nicole Panter (the manager from the Germs) as a writing teacher. And her sister had her hand hacked up by the Flesh Eating Virus. So you might as well take a look-see.


Michelle! She's a circus freak (and photographer). She's the most flexible girl I know. She can sit on her own head and walk like a crab. She's allergic to ginger.



Don. A guy who eats good and lifts heavy stuff (I think he works in a brewery or Del Taco on the taco line) interviewing the wonderful Nardwuar. Don's married to Asia Carrera who invented the Porsche Carrera (she's never tired of that joke!).

Sad to say, Don died on June 10, 2006. He hadn't emailed me for a while, but that happened a lot. We hadn't met but he thought this site was funny and would send emails sometimes. I was reading boing boing like I do, and followed a link that said Asia Carrera's husband was dead. That was a bit of a double take. Hey, I know who they're talking about. That can't be true. But it was. He was in an accident and rolled his Jeep.


The Trouble Makers. It's another crazy Old Man Foster project. He's superhot for Crosleys, babe.


No Kill Eye As they say, " The No Kill Eye Gallery is proud to present its vast and diverse array of artists (two) for your unrestricted entertainment."