Thanks to:

Aaron Langenbeck, Alec Palao, Allen Campos, Amy Fransen, Amy Paris, Anna DuBois, Bill Fuller, Brad Kobylczak, Cameron Carbrey, Cheryl Hoffman (she sent lots of info and pics), Chad !, Chris Woodhouse, Christy Jourdan, Collgee Albright, Curtis Franklin, Dan Perkins, darin k., Dave Hart, David Hayes, Dennis Quinn, Don Lower, Ed Hunter (he's always sending info), Ella Cross, Erik Hanson, Hal, Jackie-O, Jason Cox, Jed Brewer, Jef Melendez, Jeff Shaw, Jim McLean, Josh Coleman, Karl Ikola, Karl Miller, Kizzy, Logan Murray, Marie D, Mark Kaiser, Matt Silver, Mike Brown, Mike "From the Bananas" Cinciripino, Mike Diaz, Noah Nelson, Paul Gorman, Rebecca Keehner, Renee Tyler, Scott "Secret Center" Miller, Scott Oakes, Scott Soriano, Scott Torguson, Sean Schroeder, Sherman Loper, Skid Marx Jones who helped but now calls my dumb list "cowardly", Steve Mar, Steve Rogers, Tim Foster, Tony Avila, Vince Martini, Zack Olson, the people who I forgot to thank by name because I'm a fuck-up and Andy Lillie for guilting me into doing the programming code (he wrote a rough draft of code but that stuff won't be up for a while -- sometime in 2002 I hope).