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Pounded Clown (flute) Dec 93 (?) through hiatus. I didn't play every show and didn't come back after the hiatus. Didn't make it to the recording sessions for the record beaus there was a vintage toy auction that day. Since practice was on Saturday mornings I couldn't go, so Ed Hunter would make me practice tapes of the new songs. Sometimes the horn section would teach me new songs before the show. It didn't matter much if it got screwed up because at a lot of shows you could barely hear me anyway.

Sea Pigs - Sang "Heroin" at last show with Panda Bear Greens and Sea Pigs.

White Trash Debutants - I have no idea what song I sang backup on (though it was easy enough to figure out what the lyrics were at the time). Ginger Coyote would not let me leave the stage until the song was over. He/She also de-pants Mike Kellogg and that wasn't very nice.


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