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Sacramento Inbred Band Project

Alrighty then Mister, I'm going to re-start this. My old cornputer was busted and then I left to see what Australia is up to (drinking natch, not drinking snatch). I wanted to regain the use of my 86'ed hard drive to find the info that ties in Tesla to a punk rock band. Someone, whose name I don't remember, sent it to me. It's great.

The coverage on bands past 2000 will be spotty at best. I'm occasionally out of country trying to ride a 250cc Ducati round the world as I can afford it. So there will be more large sections of time when this won't be updated at all. So you have until then to send me stuff. Or to call up and threaten me, 916/237-7052.

This is a cross-referenced list of bands, releases, member names, and dates. Hopefully there will be the associated stuff that goes along with that like labels, clubs, zines and web sites. A sort of local musical Internet Movie Database type of mess. It's still pretty rough, but hey, what do you want for free?

This is a work in progress and there's some wrong or incomplete info in here. If you spot something, email me instead of saying "He said Jay Onyskin, not Jay Baker -- this site sucks" (actual complaint).

Eventually, I hope, it'll have biographies and pictures. Punk rock and other independent stuff is my interest, so that's where my focus lies, but this list will also includes a lot of bands that I don't really like and don't know anything about (for instance, the Deftones. I can't name a single song, record or member, but I'll include 'em). This means, I'll spend hours hunting down information about Secret Center Records one-off cassingle bands, but I won't spend 10 minutes at the Beat looking up Deftones and Go National type bands. If someone submits it though, I'll put it up.

Geez, that paragraph seems to have pissed off a lot of people. Wel by "a lot of people" I mean Kevin Seconds. That paragraph sounds a bit snotty -- I'd just rather hunt down a Genital Chowder demo than go into the Beat to start writing down Cake info. Great, now that I've said Cake, Vince (ex-Pounded Clown) will write me angry email. Go Nash is a band done by old punks, the Bright Ideas is a band done by old punks. I don't like either of them, but I liked old 7 Seconds and I lovenar. I don't really understand why Kev is annoyed, but I think it's part of the "Loft" vs. "Ironsides" thing which was weird enough a hundred years ago, and you figured people wouldn't care about it anymore. Oh yeah, Kev would like me to point out he owns "The True Love Cafe" although that went under.

Skid Jones would like me to say (this is an actual quote of his that he wants me to say) "I'm picky about what kinds of music I like, and since I don't get paid to write this, I won't be going out of my way to research certain bands. However, I will accept any and all entries that fit the parameters of this list." Which I (this being Dave, not Skid) would like to say, I will hunt down the Deftones at some point, and if there's a Tesla ex-guitarist was in a punk band, I'll put Tesla in here for the link because it's funny. I guess if I had a clearer definition of this list, I'd be better off, but I don't. And yeah, I do care that Skid won't send my cowardly list any more information. I'm not intending this list to be jealous or snobby. I like punk and I like personal opinions.

This is based on a "degrees of" type index file Ed Hunter (aka Cap'n Kirk aka Tequila Ed aka Ed Jonah Jameson) and I did many years ago. Sacramento is pretty inbred. We sat around for a couple drunken hours with a stack of index cards listing various Sacramento people, people they had slept with, what bands they were in, and whether they had worked for Tower or Statenet or both. It was amazing how much stuff we could come up with off the top of our heads. I'm leaving the sex & job history out of this. Besides, if you live in Sac, you already know all of it. Ed's still helping on this with good info.

I used Scott Soriano's Discography of the Sacramento Area's Underground as a jump-off point, and quickly surpassed it (take that Scott). Of course, I'm covering a wider area what with the names and all that. Click here for the thanks list.

Another good site is this one Henry Weld's site. That site also swiped from Soriano, and I swiped some pictures from there.

There's a lot of bands that I don't care about and don't know anything about. I'll need help there. Luckily, the Inbred part of the project means there's only like 10 people that are in all these bands.

If you'd like to send me a list of bands, musicians, and what they played, that'd be great. I've got some holes in who was in what band, and my dates are all kinds of screwy. Even just a simple note like: "Lizards - Hal, Dave, Jay, Donny Jupiter" would be great.

Oh yeah, I'll cover bands from Stockton and other areas in the Greater Sacramento Area. I needed to get the Authorities and Hot Spit Dancers in here.

Other complaints: For people who want to tell me stuff, but don't want their name mentioned, I've been using "Anonymous Coward says...". I've also been telling people in email to shit talk other bands. I'm not expecting stuff like "well Mike had been stealing everyone elses equipment to sell for heroin and he fucks babies". More of stuff that's on the Driven page: "Anonymous Coward says: You mean Carl 'Chaos' on guitar? That dude worked at the der Weinerschnitzel window for the longest time (yes Virginia, there IS a level of punk-ness best avoided). They had a song about the price of a twelve-pack called 'Three-Thirty-Six.'"

So he worked fast food as a teenager, so have I, so has a ton of people. I'm pretty sarcastic and I thought I was making sense in what I written in this introduction, apparently I wasn't. I'd love to hear stuff from someone saying "Yeah, we played at Club Minimal with Minor Threat and I got so drunk that I puked on Ian MacKaye" -- that's the "shit talking" I'm looking for.

If you have any problems, send me email. I'm not going to get involved with the boring old "the Loft" vs. "Old Ironsides" hootenanny but other than that, I'm pretty open minded and would love hearing complaints. Although I really liked hearing the list talked about on an email list. People are more honest when they're talking about you behind your back. That's not meant to be sarcastic or bitter -- it was very helpful when Skid, Kev Seconds and that other guy who's name I can't think of right now did it about this site. I'd prefer people do that than blow off my dumb database. And because I don't like certain punk bands doesn't mean I don't want to include them. Maybe if I list all the Sacto punk bands I don't like, I can piss off everyone in this town. If you'd like to read my hate mail, click here.So far, that's basically hate mail from Kevin Seconds and ol' whatshisname Marx/Jones about how much I suck. Stuff they posted on a Kev Seconds group that they wouldn't bother sharing with me. But it's pretty danged funny.

If you don't want me to know who you are by getting your email address, you can leave a message at my dumb board. Or you can crank call me at 3 am to say "You suck man, I'm gonna kill you".


--Dave uh... "Smith"

Other stuff:

Jeff Shaw says "I've got video footage if anyone ever wants to try and put together punk rock video compilations. Pass the word I guess. I can edit because I work at a public access station, but I only have so much video. I've got about 30 seconds of yahmos playing a clash song up on North San Juan Ridge. Pretty funny. I think it was their first drummer. Probably 1991 or so".

Email me and I'll send something to Jeff if you can help.

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