Noise, theater, throwing stuff at people, and some groaning. --ss

current members:

Bill Burg, vocals, drums, noise
Scott Mansfield 1998-present, lead guitar
Brent White 1998-present, drums
Ian Polomeo 1998-present, bass
Zeb Kunst-Brousseau 1996-present
Paul Brousseau 2000-present
Sean Southworth 1998-present
Bronica DeCarlo-Southworth 1999-present
Jason Cox 1996, 1998-present
Tom Gack 1999-present
Nick Roberts 2000-present
Stefanie Provencial 2001-present

Clay Hinson 1995-1998
Sam Walling (DACHAU, THE TOSS OFFS) 1995-1999
Mickie Ratt 1995-2000
Tom Working 1995
Joolie Bruce 1995-1996
Albert Carranza 1995
Mike Gius 1995
Dan Reynoso 1996
Kevin Knifethruhead 1995-1996
Damian Mack-Husted 1996
Reggie (Scenes from the Struggle) 1996-1998
Manny Howard 1998-2001



The Will of Niad CD (Super Art Media, 2001)




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