True West


Swirling guitar psych from Davis with ex-members of the Suspects & the Mumbles.--ss




Lucifer Sam/Mas Reficul 45 (True West, 1982; Skyclad, 1991).
True West 12" ep (Bring Out Your Dead, 1983)
Bang Zoom Cassette Magazine #4 comp tape (Bang Zoom, 1983)
Hollywood Holiday LP (New Rose, 1983; PVC 1984).
Drifters LP (PVC/Zippo, 1984)
Shot You Down/1969 45 (Zippo, 1985)
West Side Story CD/LP (Skyclad, 1989)
TV Western LP (Skyclad, 1991)
Best Western CD (Skyclad, 1991)
The Big Boot - Live at the Milestone CD (Bring Out Your Dead, 1998)




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