Trouble Makers



Trouble Makers site:


Trouble Makers members:

Tim Foster, vocals, harmonica
Stan Tindall, bass
Brian Machado, drums
Rod Cornelius, guitar
Tim White, guitar for 3 practices
Chris Woodhouse, drums 1 gig in Spain in 2001 (the only show with a different member)


Trouble Makers releases:

Live at Old Ironsides, self released cassette
Cursed Again, 7" Swingline, 1995
Trailin' Vol. 1 (split 7" with the Tiki Men) Knobbler, 1995
Voodoo Chuckin' Mother Fuckers, bootleg 10" by Matt Shrugg, 1996
The Great Lost Trouble Makers Album, 12" lp, Screaming Apple, 1998
I'm Not That Kinda Girl EP 1999
Larsen Vol. 15 (French compilation w/magazine) 7", Larsen, 1999
Banzia Vol. 4 (German cd compilation), 1999
One track on another german zine cd 2000

  Tim Foster says: Tim White was lead guitar player for three practices til he quit in disgust. After our first show he begged to be let back in but we told him (over and over again) to fuck off. Lucky him. Put where there are some cool movies, including one featuring us at the crasharama.




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