Surrogate Brains



Kendon Smith, vocals
Dennis Talley, guitar
Johnny Cruz, drums
Steve Rogers, bass
Duby, vocals
Nick Slurb sat in with them a few times.


The Thing That Ate Floyd comp LP (Lookout, 1988)
split ep Surrogate Brains/I Am The Hamster
Surrogate Serenades (Lookout #13, January 1989)
"We've Got Your Shorts" compilation, Fascist Foods Records, 1988, 600 made

Surrogate Serenades
Surrogate Serenades

Okay, here's a rough version of a conversation Ed Hunter had with Steve Rogers.

Ed Hunter says:

"Surrogate Brains did a song about Stuart Katz (1980s Sacramento promoter who's now a lawyer and loves to sue cops) "Stu the Jew" and Kendon would always insist that it wasn't against Jewish people."

I never said they put it out, but I distinctly remember Kendon introducing a song by that name. He prefaced it by saying that it wasn't really about Jewish people, but about Stewart Katz. That was when he sometimes hung around the Bert House. He would talk about how awful it was to play shows that Stu put on and how Stu was selling out the scene, only in it for the money, et al.

Of course Karl Kaos and others like him would sit there saying, "Yeah! Right on! I would never do a clear and distinct show!" Then when an oportunity would come up, the Driven would inevitably try to get on a C&D bill, not get on and it would be back to bitching about Stu Katz. In fact, I think the show that Kendon did that intro and song was the one that Nick Slurb sat in on.

Steve Rogers says:

Oh yeah if it was that show I got pushed into a glass table slamming to the band before us. I had a huge gash in my arm, still have a giant scar from it. I didn't go to the hospital till the next day, but I lost a lot of blood and was pretty out of it. I played like half the show and then had to sit down.

Like I said I just don't remember that song, it was probably something made up on the spot. We used to do a lot of improve and one off songs.

I was thinking about it more last night. I remember we used to do a cover of Hava Nagilah (SP) it was an instrumental, perhaps that's what people are thinking of.

Whatever Stu became is what it is, but I'll always respect him for bring me some of the best shows of my youth. DK and Subhumans @ the Crest(still my all time fav show), Butthole Surfers @ the Entertainment Factory, Social D. , GBH, Vandals, Doggie Style & Dag Nasty, too many to name honestly. Not to be a Stu supporter, but I wonder what the scene would have looked like without C&D.

It was a real hoot to check out all the Sac bands. Funny story My first big show in Sac was Butthole Surfers/Danny Poo and the Rotodoggies at the Entertainment Factory. I only remember Danny Poo and the Rotodoggies because everyone at the show hated Danny Poo so much, we made a list of reasons to kill Danny Poo. Anyway when I moved down to Long Beach to go to college in 89, Danny Poo lived in the Dorms with me. We actually became good friends and played in a few bands together down here. He still plays around Long Beach check out his band

Yep that's the show, attached is a pick of the scar today. Sorry but I had my cam handy... ;) At the time I duct taped a pair of Duby's Shorts to my Arm as a make shift bandage. Damn I was stupid, think I might have even been sober when that happened.




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