Square Cools


Drunken Heartbreakers gone hardcore. --ss



Louie, drums
Rats Ass, vox
Boots aka Dusty Coffin, bass
Pat Emil, guitar

Later line-up:

Robert Naquin, guitar
John Cavenaugh, drums
Danny O'Grady, bass
Pat, frontman/guitar duties



Not So Quiet on the Western Front comp 2LP (MRR, 1982, 1999)

Anonymous Coward says "Met this guy who says his name is Gnarly Charlie who also says he played bass for Square Cools before doing nine months on a heroin-related offense. The band could not, or would not wait for him, so they got another bassist, who presumably was the guy who played on the Maximum Rock N Roll comp called Not So Quiet On The Western Front."




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