Sins of the Flesh




Kenny Beasly, guitar, vocals,
Kevin Fisher, bass, vocals
Richie, drums



Greed LP (Street, 1988)


Ed Hunter says "Richie was funny. He loved his big set of drums and his guns and so forth. He made a neat contrast with the then-non-drinking Kenny and ultra-left Kevin, who, among other things, had a neat bike trailer that would haul his amps and bass (HUGE amp and speaker) for miles. He also taught his little boy to say, 'my mom told me not to talk to fucking cops' before the lad learned anything else. Also, as I have written before, the Sins of the Flesh had the largest walkout rate of any sacramento band ever. They were too loud and their mob-owned label would not print their lyrics because they were deemed 'treasonous.'"

Hal MacLean says, "Sins of the Flesh came up from the ashes of Industrial Hate"




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