Pollution Circus

1988? - 1992?

Political punk. --ss

Ed Hunter says "Pollution Circus was a lefty political/peace punk thing".

Todd wrote (after I had a quote from Ed saying that he died), "I am alive and well living in Amsterdam still playing my guitar and singing. Still an anarchist vegan freak and proud of it, I have been through some rough shit, police harrassment, cancer to mention a few but I am healthy and thriving here. peace love and anarchy, Todd Meszaros"




Kenny Beasly, bass
Ground Chuck, drums, vocals
Woody, bass
Kevin Fisher, bass, vocals
Todd Meszaros, guitar, vocals
Bill Econome, guitar


- Destroy Authority Before Authority Destroys You 2ep (Sideshow)
- 400 Day Headache comp ep (Unite & Fight)
- v/a Earthrapers and Hellraisers 2x7" with booklet
  (benefit for earthfirst on hippycore records, 1990)
- In the Spirit of Total Resistance comp 2ep (Profane Existance, 1992)

Pollution Circus
I swiped the picture from their site.



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