Dave Downey, guitar, vocals
Jay Onyskin, bass, occasional vocals
Donnie Jupiter, original bassist
Hal MacLean, drums
Chris Woodhouse, bass for 3 years
Matt K. Shrugg, drums (after Hal left)



Who Cares What I Think tape (Lizards, 1991)
qwertyuiop comp ep (Secret Center/Very Small, 1991)
Very Small World comp LP - Shemp - (Very Small, 1991)
Four Two Pudding comp LP - Shemp - (Very Small, 1991)
Nar/Lizards split LP (Secret Center/Very Small, 1992, 800 on black vinyl)
Can of Pork comp LP (Very Small, 1992)
Vinyl Retentive comp 2LP - Dog Dick - (Very Small, 1993)
Concrete World comp tape (Bat Guano, 1993)
Lizards/Elmer split ep (Turgid, 1994)
Uh oh Chongo 7" ep (Too Many, 1996, 500 on black vinyl)
Songs About Drinking comp 2LP - Drunken Brawl - (Too Many, 1996, this song is only on the vinyl edition)
Wood Paneled Pacer Wagon With Mags comp LP = 7" ep - I’m A Tyrant - (Too Many, 1997, 3200 on black)
Mars Attack tape (Lizards, 1997)
Blue Whale comp LP (Bucky,1997)
Snakum-K ep (Little Deputy, 1998)
Spazzmatic CD (Very Small, 1999)
Twelve Ounces Of Courage 2x 10" - Hakimashita - (Very Small, 1999)
Faux Pas Potpourri 2CD - You Bug Me - (Very Small, 1999)
Day Dreaming with an Empty Station Wagon comp CD (Dizzy, 1999)




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