Hoods aka Sacto Hoods


You can't talk about Sacto hardcore -mosh pit style- without a chapter on these guys. --ss


Mike Mraz, guitar
Tony Avila, drums
Logan Murray, bass
Tony Goodlow, vocals


Once Again 96 ep (Back Ta Basics, 1996)
Hoods / Lockjaw split ep (Fistfight, 1996)
New Blood cd (Gain Ground, 1997)
Fistfull of Hardcore comp cd Gain Ground, 1997)
Alone ep (Breakout, 1998)
Call to Arms comp cd (Breakout, 1998)
After the Storm comp cd (Prophecy, 1998)
Endless Pain ep (Stillborn, 1998)
Hardcore Ball Vol 4 comp cd (Straight Up, 1998)
Only the Strong Vol 3 comp cd (Victory, 1998)
The Spirit Lives On comp cd (Hatecore, 1999)
Contenders for the Crown comp cd (Westcoast Worldwide, 1999)
Scene Report comp cd (Triple Crown, 2000)
Three Way Split comp cd (Westcoast Worldwide, 2000)
True Until Death comp cd (United Edge, 2000)
Worldwide comp cd (Westcoast Worldwide, 2001)
Time the Destroyer cd/LP (Victory, 2001)




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