The Groovie Ghoulies

Los Angeles, Sacramento

Through many line-ups, breaks-ups,and city-hopping the Ghoulies have maintained three things:
Kepi, an obsession with comic book horror, & an allegiance to hyped-up, Ramones/Red Cross-influenced poppy punk. Note: This is not the or related to the 60s bubble gum band by the same name.--ss





Kepi, sometimes bass, vocals
Roach, guitar
Scampi, drums
Matt Shrugg, drums (kicked out)
B-Face Rat, bass
Jaz, drums (left)
Wendy Powell, drums (left)
Danny Secretion, drums (left)
Danny Panic, drums (left)
Jason Patrone, bass (quit after 2 weeks)
Skid Jones, guitar, (8 months in 1993)
John Rudgers



Flying Saucer Rock-N-Roll ep (Crimson Corpse, 1986)
Armageddon 2000 ep (Crimson Corpse, 1988)
Don't Go Out Into The Rain ep (Crimson Corpse, 1988)
Appetite For Adrenochrome LP/CD (Crimson Corpse/Lookout. 1989/96)
Tantrum comp cd/LP (Cocktial, 1990)
Hello Hello ep (Crimson Corpse, 1990)
Lost Generation ep (Gift of Life, 1990)
Gabba Gabba Hey comp cd (Triple X, 1991)
Groin Thunder comp cd (Dog Meat, 1992)
Christmas on Mars (Crimson Corpse, 1992)
Green Door LP/CD (Green Door/Lookout, 1994/96)
Beast with Five Hands ep (Green Door, 1995)
World Contact Day LP/CD (Lookout, 1996)
Island of Pogo-Pogo ep (Lookout, 1996)
Back Asswards comp cd (Interbang, 1996)
Running With Bigfoot ep/cdep (Lookout, 1997)
Graveyard Girlfriend ep (Lookout, 1997)
Re-Animation Festival LP/CD (Lookout, 1997)
Planet Brian Jones ep (Supersonic Refridge, 1998)
Groovie Ghoulies/Donnas split ep (Gearhead, 1998)
Magic 8-Ball ep (What Else?, 1998)
Heart Shaped split 12" (What Else?, 1999)
Vampire Girl ep (Supersonic Refridge, 1999)
Chronic For the Troops split ep/cdep (Rock & Roll Inc/Delmonic, 1999)
Fun in the Dark LP/CD (Lookout, 1999)
Travels with My Amp LP/CD (Lookout, 2000)




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