Cosmic Spatula



James Telles - Drums
Neil Franklin - Drums
Danny "Danny Poo" Perkins - Vocals, bass
Paul Gorman - guitar / keys
Jason ???- guitar


P. Gorman says:

Executive Summary: This band lasted for exactly three weeks. Danny Poo had finagled a spot opening for the Toy Dolls out in Roseville; the problem being that he didn't really have a band to speak of at the time. So, the Spatulas were created, and there was enough time to cobble together seven songs for the show. The audience fucking hated it!

Sherman Loper says:

Paul went to UC Davis and then moved to SF to start Duff Studios

James Telles went on to be a roadie for Kai Kln, which included dressing in leather mini-skirts and whipping the crowds into submission. He then got his masters degree from Sac State.
Neil played with Kai Kln, Horton and the Hoodoos, and now plays with the Ricky and Del Connection.
I went on to play with Kai Kln, Superplumb, and Nebula M-78. I am currently doing some ass-picking. I'll let you know when it turns to guitar picking.

If you care, here's an old Kai Kln link that used to be a Digi-mag site
before Sac Bee took it over. It's hopelessly outdated, being Kai is dead.




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