Sacramento, punk band


Anndrija Long
Kenny (MeaTed) Hoffman
Mike Ambrose
Sergio (Destructive Matter) Saenz
Kirk Patten
Kevin Hinely

Cheryl says, "Anndrija got a black eye when someone threw a stale piece of bread at her at the P St. frat house..."

Dave Smith says, "This was a band of weenies (much like Kevin Seconds). They always dished out shit, but got mad when people dished shit out to them. I remember them playing at the P Street house. They had demanded to play and took forever tuning and ate up the out-of-state bands time that was supposed to play. Amy Keine cut off their power which pissed 'em off. Then when they restarted (after retuning again for 15 minutes) I cut off their power. I think they were on stage (well, living room really) tuning for 60 minutes (literally). I'm not even sure if they played one whole song. I like the idea of fucking with the audience, but you should expect them to fuck with you back.

At another show, they were playing with the Four Eyes and they kept coming up to spit on the Four Eyes. I'd never seen Dave Ninja about to punch someone (he started going after one of them, but got tangled in his bass cord).




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