Acme Rocket Quartet

199? - present



Roger Kunkel plays guitar, Arp Explorer I, the Lockhorn, and the Tone Generator
John Killebrew plays the trumpet, Fluegelhorn, cornet, French horn, and has a Ford LTD
Rusi Gustafson plays the drums and is responsible for percussion and drinks
Dave Thompson plays the bass, piano, guitar, and the word processor

Steve Edberg was the first Acme drummer, before Rusi, & he's the one on the CDs.
Sue Voss (ex-Thornucopia) sang w/ them for a while when they first started.


Pell Mell/Acme Rocket Quartet, split 7", (Lather Records)
Ultra High Frequency, CD, (Lather Records)
High Centurions/Tiny Geenie, 7", (Tiny Superhero-UK)



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