7 Seconds

from Reno but they moved to Sacto, posi-core




Kevin Seconds, vocals
Steve Youth, bass
Troy Mowat, drums
Bobby Adams, guitar


Drastic Measures (self produced demo, 1980)
Socially Fucked Up (self produced demo, 1981)
Three Chord Politics (self produced demo, early 80s)
Committed For Life (Pazzafist Records, 1983?)
Alt.Music.Hardcore (re-release of good stuff from 81-83)
Old School (Headhunter Records from 81-83, I think)
Walk Together, Rock Together (BYO, 1982)
Walk Together, Rock Together (Positive Force, different songs than the BYO release)
Skins Brains & Guts (Pazzafist Records)
The Crew (BYO Records, still early so it's good)
Live! One Plus One (Giant Records, 1986)
New Wind (BYO Records, 1987? they thank U2 on this one)
Soulforce Revolution (Restless, another U2 rip-off)
Ourselves (Restless, another U2 rip-off)
The Music, the Message (Epic, 1995)
Happy Rain/Naked 7" (Eating Blur Records 1989?)
The Music, The Message (Epic Records, 1995 another U2 rip-off)
Good to Go (Side 1, 1999)
Scream Real Loud (Side 1, 2000)


Dave Smith says "I liked their earlier stuff a lot, and I was there for both shows they recorded for the live record put out in 86. But then when U2 was big, they sounded like U2. They used to be pretty good but they kept trying to make money so they put out sucky records. They reformed when 'punk' got big in the 1990s and they still sucked but that might just me being bitter from the U2 faze."




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