Okay, you really don't want to look at these pictures. It's Marshmallow Peepy goodness pinned to female parts. Private parts. The parts usually hidden by a bathing suit.

I think all of the millions of other sites with a girl with Peeps pinned to peepginas have an official warning that reads, "Must be at least 30 years old to look at breasts and one vagina with Just Born Marshmallow Peeps pinned to them". So really, if you're going to look at the next page for masturbatory reasons, you're not allowed to in the US of A. It's strictly art, man.

Here's how it went down. I got an email of a pair of boobs with Peeps pinned by the nipples.

  Me: Wow, are you proposing to me?
  Poky Peep Fun: Proposing to you? I'm not sure who you are...
  Me:Just a way of saying thanks for the picture.  It made me laugh.  Mind if I post it?
  Poky Peep Fun: What PICTURE?????
  Me:The Peep picture sent about 7 hours ago.
  Poky Peep Fun: Ok, someone sent you THAT????   Which one???? OMG. That was done as part of an SM scene...  too weird.  Some guy joked about sending it to a site he knew of. I guess it's fairly anonymous...  IF my e-mail or nick is in no way connected to it.  Can you promise me that?
  Me:What do you mean, "which one"?  How many pictures of Peeps poked into you do you have?   Keep sending 'em, if you'd like.
  Poky Peep Fun: There were about 10 people here that night. . . There are lots of pics -- probably about 15.

18 and 20 gauge needles. How graphic do you want to get? No nickname.  Just "Poky Peep Fun" sounds good. Deal?

  Me: And people ask me if I have too much time on my hands. Since I've never pinned sugar coated marshmallow to myself, and since I don't have a vagina, I have to ask, any chance you can get a yeast infection from that? I think my favorite is [the spread eagled one] although you should be on a crucifix, I think.
  Poky Peep Fun: No yeast infection, thought I think if you stuck it up inside, that would be a risk.  Simply (?) impaling it to the clit and mons shouldn't be a risk. No crucifix:  I knew I could hold still without being bound... Take care!

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