The Dennis Gross Memorial Peep Off Results - 2002

Okay, it was a very special Peep Off done in the honor of Dennis Gross,
victim of typhus. There were a bunch of people who emailed me and said
they were going to go, but chickened out. Man, what a bunch of
chickens. Special honor goes to the people who drove up from the Bay
Area to compete, but they showed up on Sunday and found out they were a
day late.

The grand prize winner of the bottle of Wild Irish Rose fortified wine was:

Jason aka Peepicide at 72.

Further suckers:

Grant no nickname - 68 (he puked after the 5 minute period)
Mickie "Scrambled Eggs" Ratt - 60 (he puked after the 5 minute period)
Peep Queen - 52 (she puked after the 5 minute period)
Gilly "Duran Duran" - 40
Jay "Dave's wrong, Tutenkan is not the best game ever, everybody knows the best game is Journey: The Escape" Biz Baker - 41
Joel Joel American Badass - 36 (he puked after the 5 minute period)

Heather "uh no..." Conway - 35
Ryan Goldbond - 35

Ed Peep Eating Motherfucker - 30
Robert "Burl the Hurl" Ives - 30

Cary "Me Home, I'm Drunk Again" uh... "Smith" - 27
Twomp - 22 (he puked after the 5 minute period)
Natalie "Nyah..." Head - 21
Lurch - 20

Andrew Pook Enberg - 16
Gina uh... "Smith" - 16

Steve "No Explanation Required" Mar - 15
Josh Fiala - 15

Andrew Peepkiller The 3rd - 14
Dave uh... "Smith" - 14

Dave "Tutenkan is the best game ever, I swear to it, I do" Ninja - 13
Queer Dave "Something Funny" Downey - The Even Dozen - 12

Night Mary - 11
Kimdian The Belching Divorcee - 11

Leslie Llama - 10
Marc-Ass - 10

Sarah "The Hillbilly Divorcee Who Flew Out From Missouri To Compete" Turner - 9
James "The Animal" Williams - 8
DeeAnn "Make up a nickname" Little - 6

Collgee the Jail Bird who participated from his jail cell - 2
Bill Dongsdale - 2

And people who entered, walked around, but didn't eat anything:
Rhonda Roller - 0
Ping the Dog - 0
Baby Ninja - 0

Morgan Fry Boyd - 40

For shame, Morgan, for shame.

The Peep Queen and Grant made the best diorama this year. Pretty much the only diorama, but some people made some at the Peep Off. There will be pictures on Charlie Bill's site of it. It was a church with a peep priest and peeps in the pews and a back-room that was supposed to have a kiddy porn in it, but her computer crashed while downloading it. Dang ol' laws.

See you next year!

And once again, if you want off this dumb list, let me know, and if you
want to add someone, let me know.

--Dave uh... "Smith"