1964 Dodge Dart GT
Red, with a black interior, push-button trans, originally a 273 V8. 318 powered, I used to thump brand new Cobra Mustangs with it. It'd even beat big block cars. The only car I lost a race too was a mid-60s Nova and that was on a freeway, not stoplight to stoplight. I don't know what they had under the hood, but it was fast.

Once, Patrone and I were driving down 21st Street. I didn't know Patrone then, but I'd had a few drinks and was rambling around going nowhere. Just like my life. I didn't want him walking home alone. We kept racing some guy stoplight to stoplight. He kept losing so he finally yelled out "Let me go home and get another car! It's a Corvette big block." I'd already beaten a Vette big block so I didn't stick around. I'm a lousy guy to race at lights. You're supposed to take it seriously, but it always made me laugh. Plus, my car was a push-button so I'd have one hand up on the dash to change gears. It's the worst to lose to a punk rock kid who's laughing and driving with one hand.


  Stuff it had (I got mad and sold it like a chumpo):  
  Christmas tree air freshener  
  318 from a '68 Coronet  
  Mild cam (unknown specs - the rv cam)  
  Overkill head work from Rex Hutchinson Racing  
  Barefoot shaped gas peddle  
  Edelbrock Performer intake manifold  
  Holley (Model 1850) 4 barrel, vacuum secondaries
(Oh, how I wish I would've bought a Carter/Edelbrock)
  Dual Exhaust  
  Some sort of fancy-pants mufflers, I dunno what kind  
  14" wheels with cop car hub caps  
  Some dumb-ass high speed rated tires. They look dumb, but I was going too fast and scaring myself on the cheap-o 13" pizza cutters it came with stock.  
  904 pushbutton trans
(recently rebuilt, but starting to act up again)
  An owner who shouldn't be allowed vehicles (Hi Mom! That's me!!)  

Picture by King Valiant -- disgusted that I had no pictures of my own car.

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